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  1. I've got the non-air integrated version - the Terra. I've had it since June, and 80 dives later: I LOVE it. The big display, the digital compass, combined with the fact it has REAL BUTTONS rather than the electrical contacts of the previous Uwatec's all make it a great upgrade. Great computer, highly recommended. Robert
  2. Here's another vote for the Seattle area, especially Keystone or the San Juans... Fabulous sites, and tons of life.
  3. I'm in a similar dilemma - and I've found many mixed reviews on the 17-40L IQ. I'll be following this thread with interest and with the hopes people with the 5D mkII add their experiences to it. I'm heading to Hornby Island to see the Seal Lions next March, and then to the Galapagos next fall, so finding a good wide angle zoom for my 5D is a priority for me now. Along the same lines as the original poster, does the 17-40mm offer enough range for the majority of the critters/situations I'll see there? Thanks.
  4. at the risk of stating the obvious - you'll lose the full frame capability. But the 50D and the 40D are great cameras... The Rebel series are significantly smaller and lighter. All should work with your existing lenses. Best of Luck, Robert
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