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  1. I don't think the 1.4 was ever a common lens to use in a housing. Your best bet would be to compare the physical dimensions of the lens with something a bit more common - it's probably roughly the same size as a 14mm 2.8 so would need the fisheye dome and SX ring. Basically you'll need a fisheye dome and possibly an extension ring, and there are only 2 extension rings to choose from! Have a look around for information on port theory and you should be able to work out what might work. Eddie.
  2. Another gold star to MikeO. I've just received a Sea&Sea SX extension ring from him, in perfect condition, very well packed and very reasonably priced. A perfect transaction all round.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to send a PM, but as a shiny new user I'm having a bit of trouble. Fingers crossed I can reach you... Eddie.
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