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  1. Vinnie, Hi there, hope all is well out in the Andamans At the moment the consensus at non expedition level, for all round performance, reliability, and sustainability would appear to be the Sentinel (albeit that it is a new kid on the block), especially when the travel/OSCL version becomes available probably early in the 1st quarter 2009. The rEvo (at least in Europe) is also gathering a considerable following but they are quite different units. There appear to be few (very few), professional instructors or experienced RB divers of its closest competition, that cannot compliment its superior performance range and reliability overall. The quality of support from CCRB Ltd is already legendary, and the lineage of the Ouroboros as a foremost expedition RB in the recreational market speaks for itself. If you are going to have to suffer the normal distractions of underwater photography, the Sentinel probably provides some of the best electrical support to enable you to do this with the quality of the HUD and the computer function. I think I've lost your email, if you can email me I've got a lot of stuff on the Sentinel (but there's also a whole load on the CCRB and other Websites) I'll send you The "high" capital cost of rebreathers is an alien concept to most OC divers, and of course 99.9% of divers come from OC, but it begins to show comparable economic sense when you actually evaluate the real costs at most scales and scopes of mixed gas OC technical diving operations. Gas production cost, availablility, transportability, with related containment costs, plant and machinery etc are all costs/facilities that need to be satisfied one way or the other. I think you know more than most that the compressed gas part of the equation can become the most involved. I think someone needs to work up a good graphical cost comparison model "cost-v-function/capital-v-expendable/small maintenance-v-large maintenance/portability-v-destination sustainability" As a technical diver (with cameras) yourself, you know that some of the above costs can invert when you think of air travel - an oc diver won't take bottles, just his regs, a RB diver has to look at baggage weight allowances seriously even with some of the bare bones RB travel rigs, and of course doesn't want to carry the extra weight of sofnalime weight if they can get it at destination. I think recreational diving has actually been operating at a technical level far longer than we realise in terms of simplistic decompression diving before the advent of PADI etc. However we all know that mixed gas has become more and more available in OC, and that CCRB diving has become incredibly more sophisticated as computer and sensory electronics have advanced. Neither market has really matured yet but doubtless the eCCR market will now ride and climb the fast moving IT wave. There is definitely an emerging demand for try diving rebreathers both in the UK and in the Red Sea. Many organisations are rising to this challenge in order to close on purchasers doubts and worries. Nearly all the prominent UK RB outlets offer these, as in the Red Sea do Tekstreme(Emperor) Sharm and Hurghada, and Orca need a mention as well. (There are others!) I'm sure all of this is deliberately sent to try us, and make us value it or hate it, all the more! Best Regards Gordon Theo & Ben
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