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  1. any news about shipments ? thanks a lot,
  2. Dear, I'm looking for an original/OEM Nikonos Dual Sync Cord. I'll be connecting two SB-105's to a Nikonos bulkhead on a housing. Is it possible to construct this kind of dual sync cord if I buy an another dual sync cord (Nikonos bulkhead on a housing to two Sea&sea connections) and I cut the two strobe connections for remplace them with a Nikonos connections? Thanks for your help, Oriol
  3. Dear members, do you know the chemical composition of anti-drips liquid for dome housing? thanks Oriol
  4. It is my first message in the wetpixel! I have a DSLR housing (Nikon D70) with a Inon Z-240 connected by nikonos 5-pin. My problem is how to connect a Inon D2000 with a optic connection to Z-240. Somebody has a similar configuration ? Can you post some pictures to understand how to construct the adaptor piece? thanks for all, Oriol
  5. congratulaions! it's a great news! once the housing have came back, can you show us any pictures ? best regards,
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