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  1. Let me know if anyone would like to sell the above items at reasonable price.
  2. Any recommended payment process can be more secure to both seller and buyer?
  3. I am selling my Subal Canon 5D Mkii housing with the vacuum system and a camera body. I will be selling the package as a whole and will not split items. This is a superb underwater camera set up that produces great results with both wide angle and macro. This system without any problems at all – it has never been flooded. it comes with one battery and charger. It took overhaul services with professional recently. I am selling it for USD2000. It is located in Hong Kong, but I will ship worldwide at a reasonable rate. Please feel free to ask any questions.
  4. Let me know if anyone would like to sell the above items. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hi Edward, I found some rusty around the metal spring and roller ball. However, I been use this holder just for a few time and rinse afterward. Anyhow, I'll send back this item to the dealer in HK for service after my trip. Cheers Kelvin
  6. Hi Edward, I'm at Lembeh now, and this problem happened to me everyday. It is not funny handle disassemble and do the cleaning process where are so many small parts during travel. I thought there must be manufacturing issues. Cheers KL
  7. Steve, Can you pls let me have some more details and pics?
  8. For the Tokina 10-17mm, do I have to use the extension ring with the DP-100-S4 to account for the body of the lens and to get accurate optical placement?
  9. Looking to buy a used Subal Dome and Port for Canon 5DM2 Housing. Shipping to Asia.
  10. Hi Kevin, Can I have some more pics of the whole settings? Does the dome make of acrylic? Thanks in advance Kelvin
  11. Interested, May I know this Dome suit for which len
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