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  1. Any (good) news by Nauticam guys regarding NA-NEX5 compatibility with new Nex-5N camera? Regards, Luca
  2. Me too. Looking at the specification of both bodies, dimensions are exactly the same and - comparing pictures available - it seems that the only button that has slightly changed position is the playback one, moved from top panel and now adjacent to the movie record button. Maybe guys from Nauticam can reveal if they had some pre-production body and clarify this matter… Luca
  3. I don't know if it can work for S&S housings, but hugyfot sell a fiber-optic adapter that is inserted in one of the sync sokets of their housing for 40d. It is a very simple and cheap (it is sold for 45/50 euros) system: I think it will be worthwhile to investigate if it can work for housing by other producers. Cheers, Luca
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