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  1. I love the design (and the photos hehe) as well. Awesome work dude. Must feel great to finally have your own website.
  2. What baffles me the most is why Canon refuses to go beyond VGA and include higher resolution video in their flagship P&S camera. It seems a pretty obvious thing to include and something that would add ridiculous value to someone using it underwater. I suppose they don't want it to compete with their video cams; but then again every other manufacturer has those too.
  3. Hah thanks for that, he/she does indeed look very strange from that angle. If I'd seen these without any of the side shots or prior knowledge, I'm pretty sure I would have had a "what the hell is that?!?" moment. edit: Fantastic images btw. Swimming with those giants must be an amazing experience.
  4. The parting image was particularly haunting
  5. Hahahaha that was hilarious. I just showed it to my buddy at work who's a DM.
  6. I personally don't know the technicalities about sunballs; but seeing as most of the ridiculously awesome big shots here shoot digital now, I don't think it would be something to obsess over or something to keep you from upgrading.
  7. Nice photos! I actually like the first 'not so good' image best hehe. Turtle seems to have some attitude and the little fish just adds to it.
  8. Well atleast thank god the asshat's aim was as bad as his intentions. My girlfriend says that humans are more like a parasite or virus in the sense that we just breed, spread and exhaust resources without fitting into any cycle whatsoever. Disagree if you want but I doubt the world will be a very beautiful place a 100 years from now.
  9. Interesting. This also kind of makes me wonder why people don't use torches in the daytime. I mean, a lot of dive sites are sold to photographers and non-photographers alike using colourful strobe lit images. Why you wouldn't want to see that same colour in realtime is beyond me.
  10. Wow what an incredibly inspiring thread! Amazing images For me I'd say this one. Because it was from a really broken up sony P&S (from my office) that kept turning off every few seconds. It was the only UW camera I had during this trip (to tag and release reef fish) and I was very skeptical I'd get anything from it. I'm very very happy with this photo. There are others I'm very happy with from this year too, but this one especially because it strengthened my resolve because in the end, what mattered most was just trying hard enough.
  11. All of them are awesome but the two ones in the middle are AMAZING.
  12. I feel sad that I have to choose between elephants and sharks What is this world coming to
  13. Congratulations! Well deserved. Both are inspirational
  14. I found the best technique for not getting killed is not constantly previewing your photos while in the surf You should check out the surf photography forum here: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showforum=66 Loads of info there
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