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  1. What baffles me the most is why Canon refuses to go beyond VGA and include higher resolution video in their flagship P&S camera. It seems a pretty obvious thing to include and something that would add ridiculous value to someone using it underwater. I suppose they don't want it to compete with their video cams; but then again every other manufacturer has those too.

  2. Hah thanks for that, he/she does indeed look very strange from that angle. If I'd seen these without any of the side shots or prior knowledge, I'm pretty sure I would have had a "what the hell is that?!?" moment.


    edit: Fantastic images btw. Swimming with those giants must be an amazing experience.

  3. Well atleast thank god the asshat's aim was as bad as his intentions.


    My girlfriend says that humans are more like a parasite or virus in the sense that we just breed, spread and exhaust resources without fitting into any cycle whatsoever. Disagree if you want but I doubt the world will be a very beautiful place a 100 years from now.

  4. Interesting.


    This also kind of makes me wonder why people don't use torches in the daytime. I mean, a lot of dive sites are sold to photographers and non-photographers alike using colourful strobe lit images. Why you wouldn't want to see that same colour in realtime is beyond me.

  5. Wow what an incredibly inspiring thread! Amazing images :)




    For me I'd say this one. Because it was from a really broken up sony P&S (from my office) that kept turning off every few seconds. It was the only UW camera I had during this trip (to tag and release reef fish) and I was very skeptical I'd get anything from it. I'm very very happy with this photo. There are others I'm very happy with from this year too, but this one especially because it strengthened my resolve because in the end, what mattered most was just trying hard enough.

  6. Sweet shots man! Love the 2nd and 3rd ones.


    You should definitely get the IR remote. That way you can shoot longer than 30 secs in bulb mode but at ISO 200 so you can get cleaner pictures. Last I remember it was lower than 13 USD so it's definitely worth it.


    This ones using the remote




    Or you could just do this. I took this one before I got the remote, just held down the shutter with my finger ^_^




    The lower ISO really helps make the sky clearer.

  7. To the guy who said that he MUST get permission, this isn't necessarily true. On flickr all my pictures have a non-commercial, non-derivative, attribution Creative Commons license. So a blog can link whatever they want, as long as they don't make any derivative works, is non commercial and they attribute me (name/link).


    I think CC licenses like this are a wonderful thing ^_^

  8. Hi and welcome to wetpixel! Really like your galleries man :fishblue:


    I faced the same dilemma and chose the G10 as well.


    I think the WP-DC28 is sufficient for my needs especially if you don't care about wide angle photos that much. As far as I'm aware there are no adapters available for the housing that makes it any wider than 28mm underwater. The only thing available for the DC28 (I think) is a domeport from Fantasea called BigEye that just corrects the magnification caused by water back to 28mm.


    Yes you will need close up diopters and strobes. Especially strobes. I have found that they're making a world of difference. You just cannot get the colours right underwater just with natural light, especially for stuff like macro where detail, sharpness and high f-stops are required.


    I think a diopter is very necessary as well as it helps you focus with the lens fully extended. The G10 focuses really close as is, but going and bumping your housing against a goby isn't really possible so shooting at distance is must. I'm currently using a diopter I found lying around by just holding it over the lens. I plan on buying a reefnet SubSee when the new version comes out (eventually I'm told :D ).


    The other popular option for diopters is to buy an adapter of some sort (dyron makes one) which fits over the front port of the DC28. These adapters accept 67mm threaded lenses, so you can attach close up lenses like the ones fron Inon. The total cost of this is over that of a SubSee+Adapter for equivalent magnification and that's why I'm waiting for it.


    That's another disadvantage of the DC28. You can't add threaded lenses etc right away.


    The other (although I don't really count it one) is that you can't connect strobes directly to the hotshoe. They have to be triggered optically via fiber optic cable. This is fine and I'm having no trouble at all with it.


    I'm using a Sea and Sea YS-27 DX strobe and I plan to buy the more powerful YS-110a later on to compliment it.


    You'll also need arms and a tray. I bought a set (along with the strobe) from Ebay from a guy called Nyxell. His store his here. http://myworld.ebay.com/nyxell/


    His prices are fantastic and he ships worldwide.


    I've only just started using this setup (w/ strobes and arms) but I'm really happy with the results. You can see some of them from my flickr (link in sig).


    I think a G10 setup would be capable of some really cool things.


    There are loads of people right here on wetpixel doing some amazing work with it. Here's the latest thread I remember


  9. Wow! That's an amazing photo man!


    The AdobeRGB colourspace would explain the washed out colours on the web. Most browsers don't support multiple profiles (I think Safari and the latest Firefox does though). Try converting them to sRGB (edit > convert to profile in photoshop).


    Looks quite nice and doesn't look washed out to me though (probably cos I don't know what I'm comparing with hehe).


    Hey, I've changed the profile and uploaded it to save you the trouble of checking. Does this one look better? It looks the same to be but that may just be my browser.


    EDIT: yeah just checked with IE and the colours are definitely more washed out in the originals. All 3 look the same in firefox.


  10. ^ I'm not sure what you mean by the flash system being overkill. Do you mean the onboard flash or strobes? If you're using strobes, wouldn't that be a problem with the strobes and not the G10 itself?


    Also I found a great way of getting rid of focus lag atleast is to just half focus, and press down once the shot is composed. Makes a whole lot more sense than autofocusing each time.


    Also it's important to know that it focuses on contrast best. So focus on the edge of the shark rather than the belly?


    I've gotten used to the disadvantages of the G10 and I'm extremely happy with it. Especially after finally getting my own strobes for it.


    Once I get the hang of it (and perhaps another complimentary strobe and close up lens) I'm confident that I'll be able to produce photos that atleast compete with a DSLR system.

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