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  1. Cool. I know what you mean. I ended up choosing my G10 after seeing a gallery of macro shots right here on wetpixel hehe Happy camera hunting
  2. Damn you Hey, the S60 (not sure about the model) that's also coming out has the same sensor and lens right? So it should basically have the same IQ. The thing I'm wondering though is whether the smaller form factor might enable the use of more WA/Macro adapters. Or would the the fact that it's the same lens (ie: large barrel) just cancel that out? I guess we'll see.
  3. I don't know about any places like that, but you could always search flickr. You could use groups to narrow it down like this: http://www.flickr.com/search/groups/?m=poo...mp;q=Nikon+D70s Not as easy as a dedicated website, but it works. I find that looking at images only show what a camera is ultimately capable of though, not necessarily if it will meet your personal needs. For example comparing nice strobe lit macros of a D3 and D70s , especially if they are internet previews, you probably wouldn't find much difference.
  4. Holy crap. That does look very impressive. I think I'll stick with my G10 though. Other than the fact that I barely just got it (doh!), I think I'll mostly be using it for strobe lit macro work where high ISO isn't needed at all. I wonder if the housing for this will be more forgiving for wide adapters?
  5. Congratulations man! Really well deserved. Love those photos. And thanks for sharing the technical details of your images as well. It really helps beginners like me understand a whole lot more.
  6. ^ That would indeed be amazing. I'm having trouble even imagining it!
  7. ^ I'd freeze up like a popsickle in that cold Really nice images. I like the last one the best. Something really special about that one.
  8. I think about 15 or so at the most. I have a bad habit of suddenly and automatically deciding "enough" and just swimming away to find something else. I really need to work on analyzing my photos more in the field and shooting a bit more to get that perfect shot. I wouldn't want to fill a card or something on just one poor fish though. Like you said, the effect of strobes on it's eyes for such a long time may not be the best.
  9. It looks like a nudibranch something sat on. No idea what it is though.
  10. That thing looks freaky! It's scary thinking about it just snapping off. The results look pretty interesting though. That anemone fish example, for the lack of a better word, looks ridiculously cute.
  11. Amazing shots man. I like the jelly and the 2nd shrimp one best.
  12. Damn man! That jawfish pic is magical! Love the others as well.
  13. That must have been an interesting experience. I think it's amazing how quickly mother nature reclaims what was taken from her.
  14. Whoa, some really cool stuff there. edit: uuuughhh, that monkfish is giving me the creeps!
  15. A guy I know somehow managed to snap the arm section of an Ikelite tray. Just snapped and broke all of a sudden without warning.
  16. I love the mood in all of these. Fantastic photos dude.
  17. ^ G10 and no shutter burst http://www.flickr.com/photos/haniamir/3566977264/ *beams*
  18. My cousin who works at Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru took me along for two dives this morning Was a great chance to test out my kit. The arms and strobe really made a HUGE difference. I think I can finally start taking some worth while UW stuff. Canon G10 in OEM housing, Sea & Sea YS-27 DX strobe and this small diopter I found lying around. I just held the thing infront of the port. All I need now is that new subsee and I should be good to go . Images uncropped.
  19. Awesome photos man That second from last macro is terrifying! (in a good way )
  20. Wow! Those are some amazing pictures! You really deserved the upgrade. It's really refreshing to see someone make great use out of their gear. I've seen loads of people upgrading to DSLR's (both topside and below) and STILL complaining that it's their gear that's holding them back.
  21. Canon P&S with CHDK loaded have scripts that provide intervalometer functions. http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/UBASIC/Scripts:..._Intervalometer Not sure how long the battery would last though.
  22. ^ Whoa! Amazing pic dude. There's something eerie about the way it's just sitting in there, looking out at the world. James: 'rare' also sounds safer for some reason .
  23. "Apparently there's not too much ill effect to the fish itself except it's lost its tongue." Any one else laugh out loud at that
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