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  1. I'm just a bit concerned for the surfers he might run into Must be a terrifying sight to suddenly see coming over a wave
  2. Wicked shot man! That school of fish in the back really makes it complete.
  3. I've always been curious about this as well. I imagine even the tiniest of currents would have the potential to ruin hours of work. I dunno, secure it to a heavy tripod, go back onto a dive boat, come back down again an hour later to check? Repeat? Does anyone have any examples of underwater time-lapses? I just realized I probably haven't even seen any .
  4. Glad to know you enjoyed your time here *national pride* Some really nice pictures man! I like number 11 the best. I like the sense of action/motion it has. Number 2 is stunning as well. Glad you liked our food as well
  5. Sweet photos dude! Count me as extremely jealous hehe
  6. Awesome shots! I like this one best http://www.flickr.com/photos/diverslog/386...57622144669596/
  7. Nice! I really like the sense of place and mood with some of the wider shots.
  8. Just as I was about to order the 3rd edition online too! I suppose I shall wait then. This sounds like it will be more than worth it
  9. I'm interested in the camera more of it's use as a pocketable camera to use on the street so wasn't really thinking of the UW applications at all hehe.
  10. I'm really intrigued by the S90 as well. Especially the form factor and the control wheel thingy that's on the front. Anyone else really happy that they've finally decided to end the megapixel madness as well?
  11. ISO most definitely does affect RAW capture. ISO is the sensitivity of the sensor itself when it's capturing the image. Maybe with cameras of the future you can change the ISO on RAW files; but as I'm aware of, there are none with which you can change the ISO after the photo has been taken. I'm not sure you quite understand what ISO is. It's essentially the same thing as film speed and affects how sensitive the sensor is to light. Higher ISO means higher sensitivity, thus faster shutter speeds are achievable; but the increased sensitivity will also generate more noise. The opposite for low ISO. Generally it's best to keep the ISO as low as possible unless you can't get a fast enough shutter speed with the available light or want to introduce noise for artistic reasons. A RAW file can be called a digital negative. It provides greater bit depth and doesn't permanently apply any post processing elements onto the picture which are made when a JPEG is created. These include contrast, sharpness, saturation and perhaps most importantly white balance. ISO is applied at the point the image is taken, so you can't change it later in post. Much like you can't change the aperture or shutter speed. Further reading: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raw_image
  12. Another vote for subtle and in the corner. I absolutely hate ginourmous watermarks. Kind of defeats the purpose of sharing your photographs with someone for me.
  13. Haha he/she looks cute. I like the wider composition. Nice pic dude.
  14. Awesome Will watch as soon as it's on youtube hehe (we don't get the History channel here sadly).
  15. Same thoughts here. Nice shot though man
  16. ^ Haha that just gave me the ridiculous image of someone trying to hide two marble sized eyes just to pull up a dome port the size of his head. Not to mention the giant spidery arms coming off from both sides
  17. I notice that a lot on my D70s as well. Sometimes it'll be 300 shots left, I'd take another and it'd go back to 300 again for the next 3 shots or so. I think the cameras are designed to give the most conservative average measurement of how many shots are left. As more shots are taken, some of them tend to be smaller than what the camera thought they'd be; so you end up being able to take more images than originally predicted.
  18. I am by no means a pro, but from experience; the first thing you should do is go check out the place where you'll be shooting the portraits. How high is the ceiling, what colour is it, what colour are the walls, are there any windows where bright light is available? Then see if you can test your set up yourself before the real deal. Can save lots of time and embarrassment that way. What you have in mind sounds great. Just make sure the background isn't too dark, otherwise the office might start looking like a dungeon. If there's a bright window, a white sheet over it can do wonders. For off camera flash stuff, the strobist group on flickr is the best place to go. Search that place for loads of ideas and diagrams etc of DIY softboxes etc. If you don't make a softbox, just bounce it off something. I'm not sure what you mean by shooting f/6 to get a blurry background. Wouldn't the background be in that inbetween state of being blurred and somewhat in focus at that aperture? This is at f/2.8 with a 50mm prime (D70s, picture uncropped). You can still make out the stone wall in the back. I guess it's a good idea of what soft natural light might look like (it was an overcast day). Here's another example, at f/1.8 Technique besides, I think how you would compose the photos around what you have in the office would be more important to the end result. Going there and checking the place out would help with that too. Don't worry about it too much, I'm sure you'll do just awesome You know, if your UW strobes work as optical slaves, maybe you can take some a long if you need some additional light (no ambient, background might be dim, etc). They'd look weird but they might help you get the job done.
  19. Sweet. "Fine art" stuff like this doesn't really interest me though as usually the most interesting part of it is the gimmicky means rather than the end result.
  20. Cool photos. It's kind of amusing how the photographer in the photo is getting more attention for the "great pictures" than the guy who took the actual photos.
  21. ^ Taking into consideration the quality of say, the 5DmkII right now and taking into account how rapidly the technology is advancing; would you say the quality of such a camera a decade from now would not be "quality"? I think they are converging and at breakneck speeds. While there don't seem to be that many great DSLR quality still taking video cameras, it would be shortsighted to say that DSLRs which take video aren't nearing the quality of dedicated systems. I would personally go with the DSLR route as it seems more versatile (you can change lenses depending on the situation). I'm not sure of that specific model but judging from the Sony HDV cam we have here, I have a feeling that video from the DSLR would be more useful than stills from the video cam (if that makes sense).
  22. Although I believe it's very distasteful to want to watch stuff like that for entertainment; I think that pictures/videos of the attack in the right hands would be viewed as nothing more than documentary. They would probably help piece together the witness statements and other factors so you'd have something more concrete than 'he said, she said'. The analysis would probably enable people to handle situations like this and develop future guidelines better and more realistically. Simply deleting all evidence just seems counter productive. On the flip side, the media getting hold of such gruesome footage would do no good at all for the already fragile reputation of sharks. Even this might have some positives if it keeps noisy snorkelers out of such admittedly dangerous waters. This seems more likely to happen now a days than a crusade against the sharks.
  23. Nice shots dude! I like the 2nd and 4th ones best.
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