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  1. I like the Sea & Sea YS strobe range a lot. I've recently bought the YS-27 from ebay (seller's called Nyxell, very reliable guy). It works optically via an optical cable which you put on the outside of your housing opposite the internal flash. I connected mine by pasting some velcro on the housing and sewing the free end of the optical cable onto the other side of velcro. As for tray, any tray with a standard tripod mount will do. Just make sure you can connect the arms to the tray. I haven't done a dive with the YS-27 yet but I have used a YS-110a I borrowed and our office Canon A630. Here's a shot with the setup Exposure: 0.008 sec (1/125) Aperture: f/5.6 Just the standard sea and sea tray and arm setup. The difference between the YS-110a and the YS-27 is that the 27 doesn't have an internal focus light and only functions as a slave. It's also a bit less powerful and differs in other technical ways I'm not sure about. I plan to get a YS-110a after I buy myself a tray and some arms to compliment the YS-27.
  2. If you don't have a strobe, set the shortcut button to manual white balance. That way when you're underwater, point the camera at something white/grey, press the shortcut button and presto! Instant manual white balance. Saves a lot of time cos you don't have to go into the menu. You shouldn't be concerned about depth of field if it's big stuff like Mantas, you'll only really start to notice a loss when you're doing macro. Also it's a good idea to change white balance every 5 meters or so. The reason it's good to shoot RAW is because of all these white balance changes and adjustments. If you shoot JPEG, sure you can force the change in photoshop to some extent using curves etc; but it won't look anywhere near as clean as an adjusted RAW file. It can also help in those cases where a blue coloured photo might have been better than the WB you set underwater etc. For manual control, I don't find pressing two buttons that hard since you'll probably be holding it in two hands anyways.
  3. Hani Amir


    Perhaps a better question for those super high end full frame cameras would be how high you have to crank the ISO before you get enough noise.
  4. ^ What the ****? Spam? Well these two are available light. Canon G10 in OEM housing. No filter. You're lost, little girl Domain
  5. TTL will not work in manual mode. As far as I know, the TTL on these optic flashes rely on the duration of the cameras own flash. It only works in the program modes, P, Tv, Av, etc where the inbuilt flash also autoexposes. But those modes are useless in most situations because even in Av, the shutter defaults to 1/60 whenever the flash is on; so you'll have a hard time catching anything which moves faster than that. So you'll have to use manual exposure controls along with manual control of the flash. This is what I use and what I'd probably use even if the TTL did work.
  6. Haha sounds like you had fun man. Looking forward to more shots
  7. Cool shots dude. I like no. 7 the best. That one's awesome.
  8. Those other ones are great too! Love your style man
  9. ^ Thanks man! I'll be ordering near the end of August anyways so I'll email you then if there aren't any notices on the website.
  10. ^ I agree. Loads of people flood all sorts of housings, even the most expensive ones. Just bad luck man Interestingly, ewa-marine seems to have the best reputation when it comes to baggy type cases. I'm going to sound like an ass for saying this, but are you sure you sealed it properly? A friend of mine used one of those and he was fine (his shots are amazing btw, see here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mutenostrilsy...57600178767472/. Most of them are from the bag I think). He only broke his camera when he made the genius move of getting rid of some minor flood water by opening the case just as a wave crashed on him.
  11. If I were to order a magnifier+adapter from reefnet; would I be getting the new one or the old one? Does anyone here know?
  12. Awesome/amazing/moresynonymsforawesomeandamazing stuff dude!
  13. Just don't get so carried away with the spitting/licking that you forget the wave that's about to crash over your head. I know it's happened to me .
  14. I remember watching this documentary when I was 10 years old I loved it so much I remember watching it over and over and over again. I really need to get this again. You don't see this kind of work often.
  15. Impressive! The savings must be huge for someone who wants to take both stills and video if they go with the 5D mkII. What I'd really like to see is how it compares with one of those larger video rigs (not familiar with the equipment at all to name a model).
  16. I'm not sure what to say on this topic since I haven't really read anything scientific about this. Even then I don't think the same rules would apply to ALL animals. It's also a bit pretentious to think that all manner of underwater creatures don't give care or are affected at all. I doubt it'd be as simple as that. The kind of animal, sensitivity of it's eyes, it's metabolism, distance from strobes, the power of strobes, and god knows what else would probably be factors. I think it's best until we do know for sure to just not, I dunno, overdo it. We wouldn't shoot a cat's portrait mere feet from it's face with huge dual strobes for half an hour now would we. edit: Although I do suppose if the cat were that bothered it'd just run away or claw your face off...
  17. I'm probably going to be doing my BSc in Marine Science at University of Tasmania next year. Whenever I tell someone about it, the first thing they say is something along the lines of "it's bloody cold down there!". I suppose the only way to dive in such cold waters is using dry suits? I'm from the Maldives and I hate wearing even the thinnest of wetsuits. Does the marine life make up for the cold? Would really like to hear from people who have dived there! edit: aah did some hunting around online and http://www.eaglehawkdive.com.au/FAQ.htm says that it's not as cold as people tell me it is! I'm starting to look forward to this now
  18. ^ I think the "lomo" movement has already started that Eh I think B&W is just another medium. Colour isn't necessarily superior or inferior to it (from an artistic point of view). Just different. Here's another B&W. One of my first shot using strobes (Inon D200) with my G10. Most people seem to like the colour version but I'm in love with the B&W one for some reason. Image uncropped. Bryaninops loki
  19. Got it the day before yesterday (just a day after my "might take a while post" ). Initial comments; HOLY #)$(@#(!!!!!
  20. Whoa dude! That last shot is just incredible! Definitely my fav from the bunch.
  21. Still waiting for mine. Might take a while to get here I guess hehe.
  22. Interesting videos! I didn't know anything ate those things before this to be honest hehe. The stonefish seemed like it was just adjusting it in it's mouth much in the way a snake does; rather than trying to spit it out. Also on snakes, venomous snakes are known to eat other venomous snakes right? Especially of their own species. So your theory about them being non-toxic to one another atleast is probably right. But the poison varies from one to the other significantly though right? (stonefish being much more venomous than lionfish). That frogfish definitely didn't like the taste of that bugger though haha.
  23. Not necessarily underwater related; but the LED light on my Sony Ericsson phone (K550i) is something that's come in handy over and over again. Usually to find other gadgets in the dark too haha
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