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  1. Haha you should enter that into a contest just to see what happens. Are those little fart bubbles rising....?
  2. A friend at work gave me his wetpixel quarterly since he's leaving back to the US; and HOLY CRAP THIS STUFF IS AMAZING
  3. I don't know anything about poles (what are they? :S). I didn't really learn from anything other than experience. It should be easy for you if you've surfed for such a long time(I dunno how to do that either haha). As a general rule I stay a bit infront of the surfers at the angle they'll be coming towards me. Kind of like /////// < wave x < surfer x <me Resulting in ///////////////// <wave surfer > x x< me And .............me ..............v ////////////x///// <wave surfer > x I'm not sure if it's the best way since I'm still learning; but it's worked for me so far. It allows for easy exit into the wave too. It's also easier to get shots from the edge of a wave break so you're not constantly duck diving. I haven't bought any boogie fins yet but I think they're pretty popular amongst photographers.
  4. ^ Thanks man! Two new shots. First time in the water with the G10!
  5. I really don't like watermarks which distract you from the photo itself. I've always used a tiny little discreet "© Hani Amir" in plain text in a corner of my photos. It's pretty easy to record a photoshop action to do it for you as well.
  6. I hate it when people promptly ask me how many megapixels followed by a "haha, mine has way more than 6!" or "ooh, really expensive camera then eh?" depending on whether it's my D70s or G10.
  7. ^ If such a system is ever implemented; I really hope that doesn't backfire and people end up intentionally fishing sharks just so they can tag them and collect the reward money.
  8. Great shots dude. They really do look prehistoric don't they. I like this one best.
  9. The way the tail almost disappears off in the distance. Man that's so awesome.
  10. Thanks man! Another reason not to trust that Debelius book too much then hehe.
  11. Oh this new one DOES support .pdf. My bad hehe.
  12. It doesn't help that the model seems to be looking right at it, almost longingly
  13. Took another look Debelius guide says Aplysia sp.. But it says it's only found in the Andaman sea of thailand so I guess it must have drifted here. Sorry hehe, dunno how I missed it. I guess the behavior described "prefers algae encrusting substrates" makes sense because the parts of the net near it seem to be cleaned out (compare with net in background). edit: Couldn't find any specific species after searching around on the internet though. Anyone else seen this?
  14. We saw this only on one FAD. Which was also the only one that happened to have this kind of net. Sorry for the blown highlights but this was the only decent one I could get. Currents were strong and the net was billowing about. Location I think was about 20km outside of Lhaviyani Atoll, Maldives.
  15. I just wish they were priced a bit cheaper and like Drew said, read pdf. Add .cbr format (comic book reader, great for graphic novels) support and I'd be sold.
  16. I agree. It's strange. You'd think that scientists especially would have the sense/decency to dispose of it properly. I don't suppose someone would cut it off to dry and keep the skull, would they?
  17. Nice shots dude. I like the 5th one best. Looks surreal for some reason. I guess this is one situation where killing off your subjects would actually be beneficial
  18. Thanks for the tip but I think I'll figure out what to do with this thing after I get un-broke again hehe. Thanks. I'm considering investing in strobes which do have the bulkhead connector so that once I finally get a housing for my DSLR or when the G11 comes out; I can get something like an ikelite which supports cables.
  19. Nice pictures man. You've really pulled off the feeling of being in the 'blue".
  20. Really interesting discussion. I think something of a revolution is going to happen in underwater photography when full frame sensors become the norm for the "advanced amateur" DSLRs like the D90. By that time, at the rate technology is evolving, I assume the high ISO capabilities and dynamic range would be several times better than even the most expensive cameras today. Wide angle available light photography would probably become just as common as the strobe lit close focus WA shots you see today. I think underwater landscapes more akin to above water ones will become a more prominent artform. Add something like a magic filter and some photographers probably wouldn't even need strobes depending on what they were doing. Even if you were using strobes, faster ISOs which are just as clean as base would mean strobes wouldn't need to be as powerful; meaning faster recycle times and longer battery life, right?
  21. I wonder if it was some kind of predatory behavior or if it was just having some fun. This doesn't happen often, right?
  22. Whoa thanks man! I'm at a loss of words here; that's a huge compliment! Maximilian: Are you serious? edit: Haven't been back in the surf for ages after my baggy broke; but now I've got a G10 so I can't wait to take some more. It's ridiculous, but I really miss being pummeled.
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