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  1. Dunno why we should automatically assume rare or unseen behavior as photochopped. Instead of analyzing it here, I think the easiest way to clear this up would be to email the photographer him/herself.
  2. So what's the deal with DEPP now? Haven't been able to access any of their websites; not even the new one on "awry", which is ironic because something certainly seems to be. If they're defunct or something, what would be the next choice for a guy like me in the Maldives? Most of the big companies seem to be country specific.
  3. I wonder which specialty course PADI made the panda do to get certified
  4. ^ Those shots are amazing! For some reason i feel like not taking a camera with me the first time if I ever do this; just so I can enjoy the experience more. The housings here, but the man isn't hehe. I think he went and flew off to Thailand for a week.
  5. ^ That sucks man! So you guys can't view flickr at all? Have you tried one of those proxy "anonymizer" sites? I'm on flickr fairly often so I wouldn't mind inviting photos I see to wetpixel. I have experience running competitions from my own Maldivian Photographers group, but I don't think I'll have the time these days. The wetpixel group is a bit dead isn't it
  6. That was a great read. I'd love to do one of those dives. I wonder if I can convince shaff...
  7. Now you've gotten me all paranoid about the one I've already ordered and am waiting for in the mail Thanks for the heads up though
  8. Well the camera I will be using (don't have it just yet hehe) is the Canon G10. Not sure if I can disable the preflash, but I assume it will work atleast as a slave to the YS-110a I will eventually get. Probably will be hard getting the powerlevels to match up, but hey, no harm trying eh? No luck on Ebay btw. Do you know of any online stores that sells old equipment like this? The way I see it, if it was good enough back in 1999, it's good enough for my broke self now .
  9. I noticed that a while back too, it doesn't work for a lot of model numbers. I think it's because there are too few characters or something. I just bypass it by using google search and typing " site:wetpixel.com/forums G10 "
  10. Cool. I'll look around on ebay then. Thanks a lot guys
  11. I know what you mean. The guy at one of our local photo labs outright REFUSES to believe that negatives can be scanned at a higher DPI than 72 from his or any other scanner. It's not possible and it's useless if so he says, pointing out how "large" the 3MB JPEG produced is .
  12. http://www.dpreview.com/news/0902/09021805canond10.asp This seems really cool! If the image quality is as good as the A series, this could be quite a hit
  13. 17-40mm something? Maybe you should write © Steven Trainoff and take the whole copyright protection thing to the next level
  14. Pretty cool shots man! Are you shooting RAW? It'll give you a lot more room to work with when it comes to things like changing colour balance in post.
  15. So in summation, subsee adapters are?
  16. Yeah but do you guys really think that's going to happen? People are just going to up and leave a popular tourist spot because of one crocodile? It's sad, but I really doubt it'll happen.
  17. I don't think they should kill it but I don't think people should be put at risk either. If another attack occurs, other than some poor bloke getting hurt, it would also hurt the reputations of such animals and make it harder for conservation groups to protect them. "Killer crocodile strikes again!"
  18. I just just found this really cool website http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/
  19. So what mags do you guys like reading? Are there any ones with more of a focus on photography? I'm thinking about subscribing but am a bit confused by the shear amount of choices coupled with not having read many hehe. From what I've seen so far DIVE magazine (UK) seems pretty good. Also are there any "must read" UW photography books? Technique, ID, photo showcase or otherwise. Thanks
  20. I second this motion hehe. You should consider starting your own buisness!
  21. Those are all awesome man. I agree with all the others that how natural and how she looks like she's having a great time really gives the photos a boost.
  22. A friend said I could use his (since he doesn't use it it anymore); now I just need a way to get it to fire. I'm using OEM canon housings so just connecting cords isn't an option. Oh I plan to get a YS-110a a bit later on, so would this be a good complementary slave to it? Thanks
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