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  1. Some awesome photos, but I'm kind of disappointed cos I was all pumped up to seeing some surfers haha. edit: Oh there are some wicked ones near the end. Just wish there were more. The waves are cool, but a lot of them look the same. Holy shit man! http://www.clarklittlephotography.com/main...s?new_offset=48
  2. I like number 4 best, although 3 is great too. I like number 4 because it's more dynamic and the way the whole frame is just filled in better.
  3. That sounds horrible! I'm going to ask some of my buddies if he's knows anything about the crew or the boat. Might as well find out which ones have a bad reputation as well I guess.
  4. I'd rather just learn how to do it all in photoshop manually to be honest. Are the effects it provides that unique or difficult to achieve? $200 seems like so much.
  5. Some really interesting reads here. Makes me wish I had a DSLR housing more eheh. Man that's just brilliant! Here's the only one I've taken so far. Kind of simple but I think that's what I like about it. Canon A630 in standard housing. Maldives, V Atoll Bodumohuraa.
  6. All of these are great! Good natural light seems to be a key ingredient.
  7. Thanks a lot Steve. You have some really great photos on your flickr btw!
  8. I shot my first two 'true' black and white photos today and I thought it would be cool to see what you guys have done. I really like how it adds a sense of drama and at the same time makes it all seem unreal and abstract. For a bit of background information, both were at open sea at an FAD at around 4m or so (I think). Gear was a Canon A630 in the standard canon housing. Looking forward to seeing some really inspiring stuff from you all PS: If there's already a topic on this, please direct me to it. I tried searching but couldn't find anything.
  9. Just some water shots from the only surf point of the capital. All but two are from P&S inside "baggy" type casings believe it or not hehe. And some random shots of the waves from beneath. Part of why I like shooting surf so much is because of how beautiful the waves look. set on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/haniamir/sets...57601619598033/ If any of you are visiting, make sure to drop me a mail. I'll show you around
  10. Hi everyone. I'm quite new to underwater photography (20 dives so far) so I don't have that many pictures under my belt yet. I'm just using the camera the office where I work has (a canon powershot A630 w/ standard canon housing). I think this would be my fav image since it was the first time I saw mantas. They're such amazing creatures. But I really like this one too because it kind of captures the whole feel of diving (for me atleast) No idea about on land shots because I have too many of those ehe. Some really really (really) amazing work on display here. You guys are awesome hehe
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