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  1. Thanks. I contacted them and they said they did not have such a cord...I guess I should have been their best salesman by ASKING if they could make one custom...I'll try them again.
  2. I have an Ikelite G9 housing, with Ike DS-125 and Sea&Sea YS-110 strobes. I have the S&S operating as a slave with an optic cable. I'd rather have a Y-cable, but Ike doesn't make one that will work for me. Does anyone know where I can get a custom Y-cable made with an Ike housing fitting and one-Ike/one-S&S fitting? Shane
  3. Ah, you are my wise conscience...of course you're right...not ready to spring on either anyhow. With my current G9 setup it's too tempting to be switching lenses and switching to video all the time, everything suffers.
  4. Eureka! Thanks, Steve. Now can you help me decide? D50 or 5DII? I don't think I can wait a year for a 5DII housing, though. Argh.
  5. A little while back I stumbled on a great chart for Sea & Sea ports for Canon lenses, mapping out the various ports & extenders available. Now, I'll be danged if I can find that chart anywhere (Google, S&S web site, dealer sites). Has anybody seen this and do you know where I can find it again?
  6. Would LOVE to, but live on Guam...the air fare would be half the price of the housing!
  7. Steve (& all), me again...any complaints or regrets about the Sea & Sea housing? Anyone have comparison experience/impressions of the Nexus housings?
  8. From what I've read (never touched a 40D) the live view is pretty useless, cannot focus in live view mode...but from what I've read about the 50D this has improved to where you can use the LCD as a viewfinder, as on P&S cameras...I'd like the flexibility of being able to take that arms-extended shot (about to migrate from G9, spoiled by using the LCD as viewfinder)...
  9. Steve! How certain are you that the S&S 40D housing will work with the 50D? Do you think you'll be able to access the improved Live View? Shane
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