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  1. Hi there, I've been lurking and reading on here for a while, and I finally have the nerve to post some of my shots to share. I upgraded from a 5060 Oly P&S to a Canon 450d in an Ikelite housing with 8" dome late last year and I must say there is a little more to this DSLR thing than I thought. Lots to think about but I have learnt one thing. Do not take a brand new camera and housing away on holiday and try to learn how to use it there. I was using the 18-55mm lens I got with the camera for a couple of weeks in Fiji and then got myself a 17-70mm back here in Oz. Check out a few of my shots. I'm really new at all this SLR stuff so any comments would be appreciated. This was under Mornington pier without a working strobe (it's been back to Ikelite for some repairs, I get it back soon). This was a tiny tiny mollusc my wife Helen found on our 1st 17-70mm dive. I think she was out to test me and the new lens' capability to get small things in focus. A very cool Fiji phyllidia nudi. I'm really happy with this one because after like 12 dives I finally got the hang of how to use the autofocus properly not just guessing. My 2nd favourite shot from our shark dives in Beqa. My favourite shot from our shark dives. He swam right up to us. And finally what's a Fiji trip without a blue ribbon eel. I have a bunch of other stuff at http://www.flickr.com/photos/seahorse_photography/ if you are interested. Hope you liked them. I'll try and post some more local stuff real soon. Brad
  2. Hey Jim Love the nudis as always. T. verconis is one of my faves. Where is the winged Theracera fuond under Blairgowrie? Is it right under or off to one side? Looks out in the open sand wise from your shot. And would you believe the only hegpethia I've seen was under Mornignton right after the biggest fattest bullray I have ever seen swam past me (my favourite 30 seconds of underwater video). I've gotta get back into the cold water, looks too inviting not to. Brad
  3. Jim We have a 3 year old. I have been in the water 5 times seince March last year, and 2 of those were housing tests for the new camera and the modified video housing. Just haven't found the time b/w all the usual stuff you do with a little one. Off to Fiji again though next Tuesday so I'm hanging for some fun with the new 450d. Must get back to Blairgowrie though..... Your shots keep inspiring me Brad
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone. I'll give it a go. Minmise the reflection off the lens front.... ok brad
  5. Hi all. I have a really specific problem with a photo I took during the week that I hope you can give me some hints with. I recently took the plunge and did the dSLR thing after shooting with my trusty Oly 5060 for absolutlely yonks. Only reason I upgraded was that it decided to completely die on me at the same time my housing broke. I went a 450d with an Ikelite housing and I have an 8" dome. The problem is with this photo. I hope it is clear but aong the bottom you can see the writing on the end of the lens as a reflection. Even though the sun is blown out (I was only in 2.5m of water) I kind of like the shot myself. But how can you minimize or bertter yet eliminate the writing reflection. Any suggestions would be welcome. thanks Brad (edit: can't spell)
  6. Hey Jim Love the shots, especially the close up of the pipefish. I've never gotten close enough to one under Blairgowrie to get that shot. Brad
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