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  1. I finished my housing service and it is easy, just as Jean says above. The one thing I learned is with the push buttons. You need to lube the o-ring and push it down inside the hole with a blunt tool (i used an allen wrench) and then I out the push button, spring and washer through the seated o-ring.
  2. There are not enough E clips in the kit to get it done. You hacevto buy 2 kits of hem, or get a box of 50 at mcmaster-carr
  3. I hate touch pads.you should try a tablet. I got the Wacom Bambo first to try it and I liked it and now use it with my laptop. Them I git the more expensive Wacom Intuis formy desktop
  4. Intrigued by the 1.3 crop that you can turn on. Just because that would give you a 14mb file instead of a 24mb file. I doubt Iwould use this feture underwater, but msy use it for xmas pictures eith my family or b day parties. I mean, who needs 24mb for this. Would also be interesting for sports shootingas well. I was hoping that it shot 1080p @ 60fps instead of 1080i
  5. I see more Aquatica and Nauticam housings out there than anything else. I live in the US and dive locally and in the Caribbean. When I do my tech diving trips, I see Aquatica exclusively. Im not saying that I dont see Ikelite or Sea & Sea out there though. I knw Ikelite has a history of great customer service. I personally have Aquatica and their customer service is outstanding as well. Since you travel a lot, you can get your hands on some housings if you visit Backscatter in Monterey, CA or Reef Photo in Fort Lauderdale.
  6. I got my first one today. I just shut down my browser immediatly and reopened it. Kirk
  7. I'm a Nikon shooter and have both the 60 & 105. The 105 gives you more room in the way of working distance, which is good for skittish creatures and gives a sholler depth of field. Cons are that it tends to hunt and you will need a good focus light. I was used to shooting the 60 and then moved up to the 105. It took a little getting used to at first. One issue I had was I was used to getting right on top of something to shoot, well with the 105, I would get to close to focus and would have to back up a little. One comdo that I tried recently was the older 60 macro with a 1.4 tele. I really liked that combo. It focused faster than the 105 and gave me the option to shoot regular 1:1 macro or I could have moved in closer and got super macro. Having said that, I'm not going to be selling my 105 anytime soon. I think Cannon users have to put an extension ring between the lens and teleconveter to get it to focus. Not sure. Maybe one can chime in on that one.
  8. I have a Sears tool bag, that I put all my camera and dive gear tools and then check that bag in a larger bag o go into the belly of the plane. I have the Sea and sea plastic oring tool as well and it is stowed in my Think Tank carry on bag. It have never been pulled!
  9. You can point lightroom to these images or you could re synch the folder
  10. I have never had a problem. Used to get my carry on bag with housing, strobes, camera, etc, stopped everytime. But haven't even had the bag pulled. Inthink they are used to seeing these items in h carry ons. I do put my tools in the checked bag however.
  11. I have the newer 105 and on my crop semsor, it hunts. Focus light helps, but yhe 60 still focuses faster
  12. Your very welcome. I'm glad to have been able to help a fellow Witpixeler! Kirk
  13. Your welcome Pam. Which option did you end up choosing anyway? I'm glad I was able to help. I'm boning up on my lightroom skills because I'm wanting to sit for the Adobe certified expert exam. Kirk
  14. My first recommendation i pretty easy if you have all of your images in 1 parent folder, that way you only need to point lightroom to that folder.
  15. Ok, this is a simple fix.. I assume that your folders are greyed out and have a ? Mark over it. Right click on the folder and choose the option to "find missing folder" and then you just have to go through and find the images. Another option would be to assign your hard drive the same letter as what you had on the previous laptop, i.e. move it from H back to J. In windows 7, hit the windows icon on the lower left side and type in "disk management" in the search bar and press enter. This will bring up that dialog box. Look for your hard drive i.e. letter H and right click and choose "change drive letter and path". Click change again and on the right side of the dialog box you will see drive letter H with a drop down arrow, click on it and select J. That will reassign your hard drive to J and you may not have to go through and find each and every folder to point lightroom to. Hope this answers your question Kirk
  16. Get as much RAM as possible. I had 8gb and it ran fine, but a year ago, I upgraded RAM to 32gb and it runs pretty sweet. I agree with Steve. Go with an I7 processor
  17. I would recommend the 60mm macro as the first lens, then add the 105 later. I concur with above comment
  18. The D7000 replacement is rumored to be released in Jan/Feb 2013. If you can hold a little longer, that may be a fantastic camera! Kirk
  19. http://opticalocean.blogspot.com/2007/12/underwater-camera-floods-avoiding-high.html
  20. This works great! http://reefphoto.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=105_107&products_id=1981
  21. I meant converter, not teleconverter.
  22. I have this housing the the TTL works, but you have to have the Sea and Sea teleconverter. Kirk
  23. Some people use the same extension ring that they use for the 105 macro. I have an Aquatica housing, not the Ikelite. The extension ring for the Tokina 10-17FE works perfect for the Nikon 60mm macro plus 1.4 tele. If you have that extension ring, give it a try. Kirk
  24. I was just curious if there was a way to prevent corrosion? Does anyone put any thing on the screws? Is there a good way to clean it off? Also, I just recently did my first much diving and man, there is sand in every grove. Any recommendations on how to handle this? Thanks Kirk
  25. I shot this photo at Blue Herron Bridge and initially thought it was a yellowlined arrowhead crab. But when I pulled it up, it sure doesn't look like one.
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