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  1. Nice pctures! What dd yu thinlkk as far as the camera itself goes? .
  2. If you use lightroom or photoshop, you can burn doen the sand. Sand is always bright. Remember that our eyes will drift to the brightest object in the Frame. I will often dodge and burn some ieepers tgat are going to print. When I shoot wide angle, i will often put my camera to the sand and shoot upwards, eliminating alot of the sand in the foreground, That should help.
  3. Looks underexposed. I would also get closer or simply crop this image. Also, point the strobes more outwards to avoid the backscatter.
  4. What king of "rig feedback" are youmpooking for. Or are you wanting feedback on the picture? Kirk
  5. Yeah, i've seen several that I was follwoign deleted
  6. Dodging and buribg in photoshop is a good option. Remember that eye is drawn to the brightest object in the picture, so I would just paint with the light so to speak. Anyway, you took a great photo.
  7. Nice pictures on Flickr. Thanks for the help. Where do you like to muck dive?
  8. I down in Florida diving the Blue Herron Bridge and came across this mantis shrimp. Anyone know what kind of mantis shrimp it is?
  9. Nice pictures and grat interview. Good luck with with the underwater photography school.
  10. I have both the 60 and 105. I use the 60 more. As a beginner, I would suggest the 60.
  11. Why not wait for the D7000 replacement? I have the D90 and that is what I'm looking at. If you want FF, why not look at the D600? Just a thought.
  12. Check this out http://www.flickr.com/groups/1567431@N22/discuss/72157629999864489/
  13. A thing to know is that Nikon's service store (ran by Nikon) get an F by the BBB. I would look at authorized service centers from non Nikon owned. Look at Midwest Camera Repair 318 Oak St. Wyandotte, MI 48192 Directions Phone: 734-285-2220 Fax: 734-283-7478 I have worked with them in the past and have been happy. Call them and tell them yout problem and see if they have a fix. Does Bermuda have a "lemon" policy or law? Kirk
  14. If you have no photoshop experience, I would go with Elements as you can get it fir < $99USD. As time goes by, you may want to graduate to PS. As an Elements user, Adobe would run a $299 upgrade option from elements to PS a couple of times a year. That is when I made ge move. Another option would be to look at Adobe prescription option. Ypu can get PS by it self for $20/month Kirk
  15. Yes it will, but I dont know of any manufactorer who makes a gear that will work with the teleconvertor. I second that. Choose wice angle or macro and shoot that one lens
  16. Sorry to tell you, but the 60mm AF-S macro lens does not work with a teleconvertor. The older AF-D version will work with a teleconvertor. I'm referring to autofocus. Kirk
  17. I'm heading to the Blue Herron Bridge for a macro course through Reef Photo. I cant wait. I really enjoyed your pictures
  18. And I use the 8 inch dome port and the +3 diopter was Jean with aquatica'a suggestion since I use their housing.
  19. Soft corners with tge 12-24, I use a +3 diopter with it and that helps. Having said that, I have both the Tokina 10-17 and 12-24. I use the 10-17 95% of the tine. Kirk
  20. I would go with the Tokina 10-17. Now all 3 lenses you have listed are DX lenses. I assume you would upgrade to another DX system. Kirk
  21. Roatan is not a large animal destination. I've nly been once, but most fuxh life is < 6". However, it does have great wide angle as well as macro opportunities. Kirk
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