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  1. Does anyone have the remote control for their Fishe Fix LED? And wgat are your thoughts? I would like to be able to adjust and turn it the light on without have get my eye out of the view finder. But I fibg the cost og $350 a liitle steep. http://www.fisheye-jp.com/english/products/light/fe_led1000dx/index.html Kirk
  2. When I bought my firsttDSLR, I bought the Tokina 10-17 FE with 8" done port. Idid not regret it as I got to shoot one lens fir a period of time and got pretty good with it. I later added a 60mm macro and flat port. Kirk
  3. Would suggest the 60 macro lens over the 105 if you have no experience. I wouldn't suggest the 105 as your first macro lens (on a crop sensor camera) The 105 is a little harder to focus. But I still use it. Kirk
  4. I have an Aquatica housing and love it. Jean is on the forums here and he is very responsive via e-mail. Having said that, you really can't go wrong with either Aquatica or Nauticam. Now it is time to have some fun with your new camera. Fyi, since the D800 came out, I've seen some housings for sale here on wetpixel. You maybe able to save some bucks on a used housing. Kirk
  5. You could compromise with the Sigma 17-70 macro. Its not terribly wide and dos not do true macro. I personally would decide if you want macro or wide angle. Then get either the Tokina 10-17 FE or the Nikon 60 macro. Of. Ote, I do not and have not shot the Sigma 17-70 macro, but know people who do use it. What housing do you have? Just want to make sure that the housing manufactorer has the zoom gear for the "all purpose" lens. Kirk
  6. If it would not be to kuch trouble, could you post a picture of this new mount. The picture on the website shows 3 screws. Thanks
  7. I spoke with Jean and he says to use the 18456 extension. You may already have it as that is the extension for the Tokina 10-17.
  8. I would think that the insurance commision will take over and examine the claim and make a ruling.
  9. Hey Keri, What is the weight of the +5 & +10 diopters? I'm looking to add either Aquatica or Subsee. I like Subsee's mounting option better as I would prefer to have the ability to flip down the individual lens instead of popping lenses on and off like the Aquatica design. My only concern with the Subsee mount would be tge screws.Are the still metal? Or do you offer a nylon screw option? Does mounting both the +5 & +10 diopters on the dual flip mount make the front of the camera nose heavy? I do you the Stix float belt around the macro port. Thanks Kirk
  10. Thanks for the nfo. I eould never even think that the importimg software would currupt the files. Luckily, I have enough cards that I dont have to reuse them. I come back from my dive trips woth 3 copies: one on the memory card and a copy each in my external hard drives. Kirk
  11. What was you camera setting when you shot? Were you manual or ttl flash? The more info you give use, the better someone maybe able to help.
  12. I use photoshop and lightroom. I use LR the vast majority of the time and run some through CS6. However, there is one additional option you may want to look at. You could down load the Adobe's free DNG convertor and then use CS5 with bridge to edit your photos if you don't want to upgade. You can get it here: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?product=106&platform=Windows Hope this help. At least you would be able to start to use your D600 RAW images immediately. Kirk
  13. There are to many idiots out there. http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/10/03/14200029-woman-rides-wild-manatee-in-florida-turns-herself-in?lite
  14. I guess I did not know that it "grows". The AF-S version does not, but it does not work with a teleconvertor ... or not well. I've tried and it can't lock focus. It sounds as if it is turning back and forth a short distance. Don;t know if that is harmful or not. Kirk
  15. Would the 18463 extension work or would it me to short? The 18453 in 28.5mm/1.12" and the 18463 in 21.5mm/0.82". Kirk
  16. Thanks for the Tip.I'm thinking about adding the older Nikon 60mm AF lens with the 1/4 tele to my arsenal. Kirk
  17. They must no have it listed on their website yet as I could not find it. On Aquatica's price list, has it listed as $65. Kirk
  18. Thanks Stu for the pics. Very helpful. I assume it can hold both diopters, one above (like shown in the picture) and one on the underside? Kirk
  19. I just read this article on MSN: http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/09/27/14125550-kill-sharks-before-they-attack-humans-australian-state-will-do-just-that?lite Kirk
  20. I liked your video a lot. On the Bonaire video, were you using magic filters for the video? Kirk
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