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  1. Saga dies have one on their website that is for the aquatica, but it us a single flip up on. Kirk
  2. Elmer, Do you have the single or double diopter? Do you feel that setup to be heavy? I think i would rather have the flip up version with 2 dipters, but was curious if that would be to much weight. Kirk
  3. If it would not be much trouble, could you take a picture of the caddy installed with and without the diopters attached? Thanks Kirk
  4. Im looking to start super macro work. I have an Aquatica Housing snd I'm looking at the Aquatica and Subsee +5 and +10 dioptets. I was wanting to know if anyone has experience with either name brand? Is the a weight difference between the 2. Also, zi'm looking to get the SubSee dual lens adapter. Any thoughts on rhis setup? I would prefer nylon screws instead on the metal ones. Thanks for any info. Kirk
  5. As a heath care provider, you should consult a travel medicine physician. You do not want Malaria. Some have more SE than others. Additionally, there may be other diseases that you need vacinated for
  6. If you are looking strickly at cost, go with Ikelite, I shoot an Aquatica Housing and love it. There are a lot of shooters here who have the Ikelite housings and love them. Sounds like you have your mind made up already, so take the plunge and get your new system. As far as lenses go, get the Tokina 10-17FE and the Nikon 60mm Macro. Forget the others for underwater. Also, check to see if there other lenses will work with Ikelite. Here's a link: http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/2port_nikon.html
  7. The teleconvertor will wotk on the old AF 60 macro, not thne newer 60 AF-S one.
  8. I clean the o-ring everytime I open the housing. I sometimes dont open it daily, but every other day to pull out the memory carc.
  9. I'm looking to see if anyone else has signed up for the November Macro Techniques Workshop through Reef Photo & Video from Thursday 11/19/12 through Sunday 12/2/12. I'm looking to share a room and rental car. I would leave the next day, Monday, to fly back home. I will be flying into Fort Lauderdale. If so, let me know. The dive site is located ta the Blue Herron Bridge in West Palm Beach for the next 3 days to dive. This is the schedule: Schedule Thurs Nov 29 6 PM Slideshow & Site Briefing Friday Nov 30 7:45 AM Guided Shore Dive 11:30 AM Classroom Session 8 PM Optional Boat Night Dive (Price TBD) Saturday Dec 1 8:30 AM Guided Shore Dive 12:00 PM Classroom Session Sunday Dec 2 09:00 AM Guided Shore Dive 12:30 PM Classroom Session *Thursday evening orientation, slide show, and briefing will be held at the Reef Photo Fort Lauderdale Underwater Photography store. All other classroom sessions will be held close to the dive boat. http://reefphoto.com/shop/index.php?main_page=events&zenid=fb8f46f19ba1b462f77fdb9607aba33c&event_id=41 Thanks, Kirk
  10. I'm wanting to do my own annual service on my Aquatica Nikon D90 housing. Is the any information out there on how to do it? Is it fairly strait forward? Kirk
  11. Because they are a "non profit" does not mean they have no money. If you are passionate about what they are doing, then it is ok to donate your photograph. But if you not, then I would not give them the pic. Don't fall prey to the old "will give you credit" scheme. Inquire a little more. You may find that everyone is paid, except you. I'm contacted frequently to either volunteer my time or photos. You have to be selective in who or what causes you give the, away. If I did it for free, then I would be busy with non paid work.
  12. Are there instructions on how to do a self annual service?
  13. How good is the vacuum system?
  14. Sea & Sea will work. I use them on my Aquatica housing, but they need modification. The holes in the brackets are smaller than the screws and the 2 holes do not line up, so I got a drill bit and made them larger and more oval so that it would work.
  15. I don't use the extension to port locking collar and have not had a problem. I'm thinking about getting one for "belts and suspenders", but from what I can make of it, it will only work on the dome ports, not the macro ports. If Jean is looking at this, maybe he can clarify this. Kirk
  16. I think 36 mega pixels is a con. Unless you are printing billboards, you just don't need that many magapixels. I would also assume that the housing for the D800 will be more expensive as well.
  17. Thanks for the feedback. I will make sure that I will avoid this shop. I'm heading down in August to Key largo to dive the deep wrecks and will head down for 1-2 days to do the Vandenburg. I was looking at diving with Captain Corner. Anyone have thoughts about that operator? Kirk
  18. Oh and make sure it is compatible with the operating system
  19. Colormunki is good. I use a Spyder 3. You really can't go wrong with the products by either DataColor or X-rite. Just get the one that does everything you want it to do, i.e. monitor, projector, printer, etc calibration.
  20. It is interesting to see what housings are popular. I know it depend on where you are. I do a tek trip once a year to the Florida Keys to do all the deep wrecks and I will see about 7-8 people with DSLRs and they are all Aquatica. When I do my "reef trips" down to Bonaire and Curacao, I see mainly P&S camera's, but in the last couple of years, I have seen more DLSRs, mainly being Aquatica and Ikelite. I'm headning to Bonaire next month and will be interested to see what people are using now. I think that if I did a underwater workshop, I would probably see DSLRs excusively and would see more of a variety of housings. AS far as the Sea & Sea thing goes, I think that they really missed the boat by not having a housing for the Nikon D90. It seemed that once that camera came out, alot of people made the move from P&S to DSLRs. I know that with the cost of ports, domes, rning, etc., I don't see myself jumping ship to another housing brand.
  21. I have sent Sea & Sea an email through their website 2 weeks ago and have not gotten a response. I did get an email that said it takes typically 2-3 days to respond.
  22. I have the Sea & Sea Ys-110a strobes and I recently got a meter. These strobes have 13 steps of power and I went through each step and fired them at the meter to get am F stop at each power rating. I noticed when you have 2 strobes firing, you get about 1 more F stop of power. So, My question is this. Is the a formula to figure out what the real F stop would be underwater? I know about the inverse square law and I figure that I will loose f-stops in the water column. I'm just curious if anyone knows. If any one is interested, this is what I got at 1 foot (13 steps) - 3.6,5.0,5.6,6.3,8.0,9.0,10.1,13.2(1/4 power), 16.0,18.3,25.3(half-power), 36.3, & 45.1 (full power). This is just with one strobe. Like I said, you can add about 1 stop if you fire both strobes. Thanks
  23. The images look good on the 50mm lens. Hopefilly, Tim will do a follow up when his 100mm lens arrives. Kirk
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