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  1. Oh, I forgot. Flat port for Macro and Dome for Wide Angle / Fisheye lenses. Forget the 6" dome port and go with the 8" dome port. They are a little more money, but you'll be happy with the pictures. kirk
  2. The are a few housings available for the D90. Got the the following site for a list of available housings: http://www.digideep.com/english/digital/ph...on/D90/25/3538/ Do some homework and make sure that the have ports, gear, etc to support the lenses you want. I would say that the Tokina 10-17 and Nikon AF-S 60mm is the 2 most popular lenses for underwater use and all the D90 housing should be able to support these lenses (but check anyway). I was about the pull the trigger on a Nexus housing until I found out that they do not have the gears to support the Tokina 12-24. Therefore, I am going with Aquatica. You can forget Sea and Sea as on option. I e-mailed them and they are NOT coming out with a housing for this camera. Another thing to consider is the availability of the housing to your country and ease as to getting it serviced. Hope this was helpful Kirk
  3. I e-mailed Sea and Sea spefically inquiring about a Nikon D90 housing. This was the response I got: HI Kirk- There are no plans for a D90 housing. We should be introducing a D5000 housing in the next few months. Best Regards, ---- SEA&SEA U/W Imaging T: 800-482-2282 F: 562-498-0415 tusa.com seandsea.com Just thought I wold pass this along Kirk
  4. I e-mailed Woody and then is what he said: No D90 housing has been release yet by Nexus. I do not know exactly when it will be available yet. Sorry. Thanks, Woody However, I got in the Anthis.jp web site and there is clearly a housing for the D90 on the site. Problems is I can read Japanese. Definately, does not seem the USA distributor is at all on top of it. Have they went through a few distributors? I has found websites such as USANEXUS.COM and NEXUSAMERICA.COM The housing looks good, but I'm concerned that Nexus may not be a viable company. Kirk
  5. I don;t see anything on Nexus website about the Nikon D90. It appears that the website hasn't been updated in awhile. Is the current website: www.usanexus.com ?? If not, where can I get current info? thanks kirk
  6. I was wanting to know how you can move photos from on catalog to another? Specifically, when I'm on a dive trip and I import photos to my laptop and make some adjustments, add some key words, etc, how do I merge those photos with my current catalog (Desktop PC) and keep all of the adjutment and stuff. thanks kirk
  7. My favorite is the 2nd image. Did you shoot in Raw or JPEG? Hopefully, you shot in Raw. On the second image, I would open it the the Camera Raw Processor in PSE (you can also do this w/ a JPEG image) and move that recovery slider in to see if you can get rid of those hot spots in the background sand. You should also add a new layer and grab the Spot healing brush to clean up the back scatter. I doubt the 1st image can be saved with PSE. On the 3rd image, I would have wanted the shrimp to be the focus of the compostion. The composition is fine, but the shrimp should have been sharper. I know on my first few trips, I was moving my strobe around trying different positions to see what I could get, but I did not have a lap top to view these while on my trip. If you have a laptop, the learning curve should drop. Great job on your first trip with a strobe. Oh yeah, I also got in the pool and drop some stuff in the water to practice with the stobe. Great place to fool around and try different things. Kirk
  8. You can get Silver Efex Pro at B&H Photo for $149.95 and if you are a NAPP member, you can log onto NAPP and get a link for free shipping http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/5729..._Photoshop.html Kirk
  9. As they say, proof is in the pudding: check out the i7 processor benchmark speed when compared to other processors. This is link is in the middle of the article with the bench mark speeds. Looks to be an attractive option for me since I'm running a Pentium 4 http://www.techspot.com/review/124-intel-c...-965/page5.html Kirk
  10. I too am looking to upgrade to the I7. I'm runnng a Pentium 4 currently w. 3GB memory and have been really disappointed with how slow lightroom 2.3 runs. People always say that CS4 in a memory hungry program, but CS4 runs fine its the lightroom that runs slow. I know I'm due to upgrade. This looks like a good option, plus it looks that if I go to a 64 bit system, lightroom will run smoother. Has anyone noticed this? My only concern is that I see that Nik software doesn't support 64 bit (I run Define 2.0). Any thoughts or known work arounds? The site says you can load CS4 in 32 and 64 bits. Any experience with switching back and forth? Kirk
  11. Can you walk me through the steps in trying it on a single channel. Also, how much gaussian blur do you use. I'm new to CS4. I'm working through Scott Kelby's Book right now Thanks Kirk
  12. I shoot low light wide angle deep wreck photos. I do get some noise with these types of photos. Anyway, I have seen 3 different products out there: 1) Define 2.0 by Nik software; 2) Noise Ninja by Picture Code & ;3) Noiseware by Imagenomic. I'm not sure if I missed any. I would appreciate it if the members an weight in with their experiences, good and bad, along with any personal recommendations. Thanks Kirk
  13. Looks like he's got at least one of Alex Mustard's pics posted on the site!
  14. Photoshop User TV had attorney Ed Greenburg on about copyright issues (episode #168). I just finished watching it and it is good. It sounds like this will be a mini series of 3 shows with this topic included. If you are not familiar with http://www.photoshopusertv.com/ , it is put on by NAPP / Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski, & David Cross. It runs approximately 30 minutes. They typically have about 2-3 Photoshop tips and at times have a guest for an interview. It is typically uploaded every Monday night and is a weekly program. If you are a NAPP member, you can download and episode in the past. However, if you are not a NAPP member, no worry, you can see the past 3 episodes and can download any of the old ones for $1.99 and episode. I figured it would be interesting for all of photographers to watch, especially the issues and recently read about the Divermaster.com episode. And if the guy that hosts that website sees this posting, he too should review this and the next couple of episodes. FYI Ed Greenberg along with Jack Reznicki contribute photoshop user magazine in a new column (as of Oct/Nov 2008) titled, "The Copy Right Zone", which has alot of userful information so far. I hope everyone enjoys the info Kirk
  15. Thanks for the info. Would you shoot 60mm macro @ Coronados Island or would you shoot the Tokina fisheye. I've check out the web site. They don't have anythin booked out in May yet, but it looks like they do the Coronodis Island on Sundays, which will be the day I'd be able to dive. Thanks Kirk
  16. I heading to Sad Diego the first of May for a conference and will have one day off. I want to go diving on that day. I wanted to know your recommendations. I was thinking of taking a boat over to Coronado Islands. Is this a good location? Any other recommendations would be appreciated. Also, would like to hear what charter services are recommended. This would also be my first dive with my new Nikon D90. What lense i.e. macro vs wide would be good for diving Coronado islands? I have dove California before, Monterey to be specific. As I recall the visibility was < 40 feet and the water had a green color cast to it. Is this true for this area and would one of Alex Mustards filters be a good options for diving this area. Thanks for you input. Kirk
  17. I got a card in the mail from adobe offering Photoshop Elements Win 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 or Mac 3.0, 4.0, 6.0, & 7.0 user the chance to order Photoshop CS4 upgrade to $299 Go to: www.adobe.com/go/moveuptopscs4 or https://store1.adobe.com/cfusion/store/html...op&fpr=true You can also key in the promotional code: NEWEPP1 for an additional %10 off, which puts the total to $269.10 , which is a smokig deal. Adobe is also offering free shipping until Dec 1, 2008. I also elected to also add Lightroom 2, which is $299, but they are offering to discount this by 30% if it is bought with Photoshop CS4. So, I jumped on both of them. I figured it was time to make the jump, since I made the jump to dSLR last montn from P&S. The only hiccup I had with ordering is that I couldn't get the online 30% Lightroom 2 discount, so I had to call, but I did get the discount on the phone. If you do have to call (800-585-0774), you will need the following: Offer number: PSEPSHOP50US You will also need your Photoshop Elements serial code. - I ordered from work and I didn't have this card, but they were able to get it for me throught my phone number. So, there you have it. If anyone is wanting to make the jump from Elements, this is a great offer. This was my early x-mas present to my self. If any non-US customers try to upgrade, please post if you had any success with this offer or not, so others will know. Thanks Kirk
  18. For a detailed video tutorial on the highpass filter, go to this site" http://www.uwphotoshop.com/Web%20Videos/Th...20-%20UWPS.html Kirk
  19. Does any one use Photoshop w/ Lightroom? What are the advantages of combining these 2 programs? I currently use Elements 6.0 and am still learning on it. I was using it to edit JPEG images from the Sea and Sea 860G. I just made the jump to dSLR and I am shooting RAW, so I thought it may be a good idea to step up the photoediting software. So I guess my question is this, is there a benefit from using Photoshop w/ lightroom? and what can be done differently in these platforms that what I use in Elements (as far as editing my underwater photos are concerned)? Thanks Kirk
  20. I would be interested in these. Can you send it via e-mail? skdougla@comcast.net Thanks Kirk
  21. I have photoshop elements 6.0 and just made the jump for P&S JPEG to a dSLR RAW & JPEG. I have a question about work flow, i.e. what order should you work in? and does it matter? I'm new to using photoshop elements. I figure that I should 1st process the image using Camera RAW. I'm not sure where to go to next, Color Correction, Lighting, fixing lense vignetting, sharpening, etc. Thanks for the suggestions Kirk
  22. I have would recommend Ocean Divers. They have a presetermined dive schedule. You can get on their web site and see exactly where you would be going. If you want wreck dives, you'll have to do the AM trip. Most shop does a wreck followed by a shallow reef dive. The afternoon trip typicall will have snorkeler, so both dives are shallow reef dives. If you want some good photo shoots, diffinately check out Benwood wreck. Shallow wreck, wreck life and lots of fish. I have been to Florida Keys Dive Center. They routinely change their dive schedule at the last minute. I went last august and phoned them telling them that I was a wreck diver. They told me no problems. I dove 1 wreck during 5 days. apparently it was lobster season so they were taking people out to reefs to get lobster, altought, there was less that 10 people on the boat for lobster with a total number of divers between 30-40. Kirk
  23. I would call Ikelite. They will take care of it for you! I wouldn't chance it. Kirk
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