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  1. This is image is not the best for quality but for me was a very special moment, this was the first time I saw a great white. I took this image on Gansbaai South Africa.
  2. Here are some fun images I did during a surface interval while doing a two tank dives in North West Point. I hope you like them. David
  3. Turks & Caicos has some great diving here in the winter. Lots of sharks and eagle rays in West Caicos and French Cay.
  4. Thanks for your replies, I will be there in October. Thanks. David
  5. Hi everyone, I read few articles about Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks but because I am only going to be in that area for three or four days I will like to know what of the two locations is better for shark encounters and photography. Thanks David
  6. Hi Carol, Good to hear from you, I don't know if you remember me but we met at Crystal River about two years ago. Can you please send me pm with the price of the camera? Thanks
  7. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a Nikon D200 body, I already have one but I need another for a backup. Thanks David
  8. Hi Barry, All the three batteries I have are original Nikon and I got them from B&H. I have been using them for the last three years and I never I had any problem with them until I updated the firmware from the Nikon website last week.
  9. Hi everyone, Recently I updated the firmware of my Nikon D200 to the 2.01 but since I did it every time I put a fully charge battery it display as if the battery wasn't charge. I tried with different batteries but it is always the same problem. I read on the Nikon website that it was a problem with the previous 2.00 firmware but the 2.01 will fix it but it doesn't seen to work on my camera. Does anyone had the same problem before? Thanks David
  10. Thanks far all your help, Finally I will be diving with blue wilderness in Umkomaas but after contacting Chris and Monique Fallows for the Great Whites in Cape Town they told me that October is off seasson for the GW in False Bay in I should have a better chance to see them in Gansbaai. Does anyone knows a good operation in Gansbaai for the Great White? Thanks David
  11. Hi everyone This coming October I will be going to South Africa for couple of weeks. I'm planing to do some diving around Protea Banks, Aliwal Shoal and Cape Town for the Great Whites. Does any one know any good dive operations for photographers around these areas? Thanks David
  12. Thanks for you replies, The camera was set up on Manual exposure and 100 ISO. Every time the camera freeze I wasn't able to change aperture or shutter speed or even to see the Menu. It looks like that the problem only happens when the camera is inside the housing. Thanks for all your help David
  13. Hi everyone, Yesterday I went diving with my Subal ND20 and Nikon D200, everything was working perfect until about five minutes into the dive when I realize I wasn't able to take any photos. The camera was on and I was able to see the top display but when I looked thought the view finder I couldn't see anything and I wasn't able to turn the camera off. When I came out the water I took the camera off the housing and I removing the battery everything was fine, just to be safe I put a new camera battery. On the second dive I took few photos and everything was fine but the same thing happen again. Does anyone had a similar problem before? Thanks. David
  14. I had the same problem with Beneath the Sea photo contest in 2007. I received and email before the winners were announced that one of my photos was one of the finals and I should receive my price in the next four to six weeks and I am still waiting I email them back few times but they never replied.
  15. Last week I went diving I took these photos of this isopod on top of this poor blackbar soldierfish. Please let me know what is your favorite image from the series. Thanks David. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
  16. Hi Everyone, I'm planing a trip to the Philippines and I was considering buying a new lens for this trip. I already have the old Nikon 105 mm, Sigma 50 mm and Tokina 10-17 mm. I'm looking for a lens that I can use for macro and wide angle during the same dive. I read about the Sigma 17-70 mm macro and looks like a very interesting lens. Does anyone use this lens underwater? it is worth it? Thanks for your help
  17. Hi Steve, Thanks for your comments. I normally use one 1 Ikelite DS125 and one old Nikonos sb105. Regards. David
  18. Great images! The first one, the corals look like a basket ball on the basket My favorite ones are the ones with the clown fish and the tiny squid with the shrimp. Thanks for sharing. David
  19. Hi eveyone! Here are some of my latest images taken with the Tokina 10-17 mm and some with the Nikon 105 mm. I really enjoy using the Tokina 10-17 mm. David.
  20. Hi everyone, We are having the same problem here in the Turks & Caicos Islands. I did two dives last week and I saw three of them. David
  21. Hi Vazub, WOW! you have some really great images, I love the split images. I want to go to the Salomon Islands too
  22. Too good to be true, I will be very careful buying photography equipment from websites where prices are half o less from reputable photo stores. I hear a lots of people having lots o problems after buying cameras from websites like this one. Regards. David
  23. Hi everyone, I have a friend just offer to sell me his Sigma EX 105mm/2.8 macro, I already have the old 105 mm 2.8 but it is getting old and I need a new macro lens. Does anyone use the Sigma Ex 105mm underwater? he is selling to me for $100. Thanks
  24. Thanks all for your advice, I'm planing to spend three to four weeks around the Philippines and I will love to visit as many different dive areas as possible.
  25. Hi everyone, I'm thinking about doing a trip to the Philippines on September October for three weeks. I have never been there but I read good review about it for underwater photography. Does anyone has any recommendations about what are the best places for diving and underwater photography there? and what are the best flight connections to get there from the USA. Thanks.
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