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  1. I photographed this small shrimp last week in the Turks & Caicos Islands and I haven't seen it before. Does anyone know the name of it. Thanks David
  2. Hi everyone ! Last week during my second dive I found a small redlip blenny hidding in a hole. I manage to take couple of photos but my big surpise was when I was doing the editing and I found out that the were tiny eggs all over around the hole. I had never seen these before but I was so nice to see all these tiny eyes looking at the camera.
  3. Thanks Dave, I finally fixed the problem with the " Leak Alarm", thanks for all your help. David
  4. Hi everyone ! Last week I was doing a dive with my new Subal ND20 and five minutes after the beginning of the dive I realized that the "leak alarm" was flashing (I almost had a heart attack ). I went back to the boat and I opened the housing and I found out that there were two small drops of water inside the housing and nothing else. I decided not to go back in the water and I removed the battery from the "leak alarm" to save battery power. Yesterday I was getting my housing ready for another dive and I put back the battery for the "leak alarm" and the big surprised was that the alarm still flashing. I blow dry air on the sensor but the alarm still on. I want to go diving this coming Sunday but I am afraid to dive without it. Does anyone had the same problem before? Thanks David
  5. Hi everyone ! I just got my flights to Bali for this coming October I will be there for about three weeks.I am planinng to be moving around and to try to visit all the different locations around the island. I would like to know where are the best dive areas in Bali and if you recomend any specific dive operator? Thanks again for all your help David
  6. Thanks for your advice ! I found a flight from New York to Bali with Singapore Airlines for 1.185$. I think I will be finally flying with Singapore airlines because I have a direct flight from Turks & Caicos to New York and that will save me some money and time. I found out that Malaysia Airlines doesn't have flights leaving from New York. David
  7. Hi John ! If you don't want to spend to much money in your acomodation I will recomend you to stay in Confort Suites or Turtle Cove Inn, both hotels are nice but not too fancy. The good thing about the Turtle Cove Inn is that it is in Turtle Cove Marina and you have few restaurants around and a good area for snorkel (Smeth Reef) and Turtle Divers next door. I've been living in Provo for the last past seven years and I always dive with Provo Tutle Divers or Flamingo Divers,both are great dive shops and have great people working for them. But if you really want to enjoy the best diving of Provo I will recomend you to dive in a liveaboard like the Aggressor. John, I just bought a Nikon D200 too and a Subal housing,it is a great camera for underwater use.Please don't hesitate to contact me for any additional information. David
  8. Hi ! I'm planing a trip to Bali on October and I found that in Malaysia Airlines website the total price for the flight from Miami to Bali is 1340$ .It's seens a good price but i have never heard anything about this airline,does anyone had any experience with it? Thanks David
  9. I just got my new Subal ND20,Nikon D200 and a new Ikelite DS125. I had been shutting manual strobe settings with my old Nikon D100 but I was wondering if there is anyway I can shoot ITTL with this housing and the DS125 ? Thanks David
  10. I just had the chance to do two more dives with the D200 and Subal ND20 and I love everyday more my new guear.Here are some photos taken with the Nikkor 16mm 2.8D and the Nikkor 105mm 2.8D.
  11. Great photos ! I really need to try the Magic Filters. David
  12. Hi everyone ! This past Sunday was my first day underwater with my new photo equipment,the Subal ND20 and the Nikon D200. I was a little excited after a long wait and I didn't really know about the D200 performance underwater, I have to thank Dave Marsh from Underwater Photo Tech for the great costumer service. My first dive was with the Nikkor 16mm 2.8D, and.... I was amaze with the big viewfinder of the D200 and the Subal, I don't think I will need the GS finder. The camera autofocus is great and very accurate and a huge improvement compare to the Nikon D100,but for me one of the must important features is the speed of the camera shutting Raw files, I used to get very fustrate with the D100. Here are some of the photos I took.
  13. I just got my Subal ND20! and I hope to get in the water this coming sunday. I had the Subal ND10 for the Nikon D100 and there is a quite difference on size compare to the new ND20,this new one is more compact and smaller. I had use different housings for the last seven years but after I tried Subal I just don't think I can use any other housings.
  14. Hi everyone, I friend of mine bought few months a VX-HC1 Pro Sea & Sea housing . After he got the housing he tried to get a red filter for this camera but he was informed by Sea & Sea that they are not making any more for this specific housing and don't have on stock. I found quite strange that Sea & Sea still selling this housing but don't supply anymore for red filters. Does anyone had the same problem? there is any other companies that makes red filters for this housing? Thanks for your help David Gallardo
  15. Welcome to Wetpixel ! Great photos for your first time, the funny thing is have been diving in the Turks & Caicos for the past seven years and I had never had the luck to see a frog fish, they are very rare in this waters. congratulations ! David
  16. Hi ! Does anyone knows when the new Subal housing for the Nikon D200 is going to be in the stores? I pre-order mine two months ago and I was told that the first batch of housings the were going to out at the end of March, but so far nothing. I was told that Subal made a mistake in their pre-production and that was the reason of the delay. Has anyone heard anything about it? I can wait to get back in the water and start taking photos again. Thanks David
  17. I saw that B&H website has the Aquatica housing for the D200 in stock. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller...oughType=search
  18. Hello everyone ! Today I was checking my lenses and I found out that my Nikon 105 mm has some strange nasty funguses inside , now I am wondering it is worth it to send the lens to Nikon for repair. Has anyone had the same problem before? I don't know how much these funguses will affect the image quality.
  19. Back View... It's only a prototype of course...
  20. Hi all ! I just ordered a Nikon D200 body and the Subal housing for it. For the last three years had been using the Nikons Sb 105, first with the nikon N90 and after with the Nikon D100. I think is a good strobe but not great for digital photography. I have been thinking about the Ikelite DS125 or may be the new Inon. If you will have to buy new ones wich ones you will get? I will love the subtronics but I don't have any money left Thanks David Gallardo
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