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  1. Hello everyone ! I had seen a few people talking about the woody's diopters and I was wondering where do can get them and what magnification rate you get with the Nikon 60mm and 105 ? Can you use them with the Subal flat port ? Thanks David Gallardo
  2. Last year we found a dead pilot whale an the beach in West Caicos,it was there for few days,couple of days after we discovered about three tiguer sharks swimming around it.We thought about getting in the water with scuba guear and try to take some photos but we change our mind afterwe saw the size of some of these guys I think the were a little upset because the pilot whale was just outside the water.Finally one of the local dive operations put the death carcass in the water and I heard after was that one of the tiger sharks bit the prop of the dive boat. I have a lot of respect for these sharks but at the same time I would love to get the chance to be in the water with them Regards David
  3. Hello everyone, I am thinking about doing a trip to Papua New Guinea maybe for next April or May but I don't know much about the location and how to get there. From the last couple of years I heard really nice coments about Mike Ball Dive Expeditions but I would like to know if anyone had any previus experience diving with them or if you will recomend any other companies. It looks like that is one of the must amazing diving spots on the world and very prestine but just very far. Which airline do you recomend to get to Port Moresby from States ? Thanks for all your help David
  4. I was there last year in October,the boat was great and the staff were excellent too. The Southern islands the water was cool and with corrents,but no too strong at least when I was there. The best diving was at Darwin and Wolf,We had very strong corrents at Darwing but then is when you see the the big stuff and then ....whale sharks. We saw a total of 13 whale sharks during six dives. You can check out some of the photos I took during that week: http://www.pbase.com/dgallardo/galapagos&page=all You will love it Regards David
  5. Hi all ! I sold my Subal D10 couple weeks ago and I was wondering if anyone does know aprox. when Subal will have a housing for the Nikon D200 ? Thanks David
  6. DavidG

    Subal D10

    Thanks James for the advice, I'll try to change it. If any one is interested I am selling the entire package for 2600$ I think is a good deal. Best Regards David
  7. DavidG

    Subal D10

    I put all the equipment for sale on ebay through my best friend and co-worker in Florida. Check it out at: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=7570944333 Regards David
  8. Thanks for the comments, I used the Nikkor 16mm David
  9. Hi everyone! I took these photos few weeks ago and just today I had the time to finish them,plese let me know what you think. http://www.pbase.com/dgallardo/world_of_water PS- Alex I saw a catalog of one of the projects for a new hotel here in Turks and has some of your uw photos. Best Regards
  10. DavidG

    Subal D10

    Here are some photos of the equipment. If you are interested and want to see more close up photos of the equipment please let me know. Best Regards David
  11. DavidG

    Subal D10

    I have a Subal D10 and a Nikon D100 body+ MB battery grip for sale, all in mint condition. The Subal D10 looks like new and doesn't have any scratches, it's only done about 20 dives and it was serviced by underwater photo tech about five months ago.The Nikon D100 body is 16 months old and it is in perfect condition (9/10) plus the battery grip with three extra batteries. I'm asking for 2800$ If you are interested and whant to see any photos please contact me at : dg_buceo@yahoo.com Best Regards David
  12. The weather here in the Turks & Caicos has been a little wierd for the last few weeks. I was taking photos today at Provo and the weather was great the only bad thing is that the corals at bleching more than I have seen before. I normally use 105mm for macro and 16mm for wide angle but 10.5DX will be a great lense for the walls and the 60mm to for fish portraits, I don't have these lenses but there on my wish list Are you going to be diving in Provo? let me know if you need any more information about the Turks & Caicos and I will be happy to help you out. Regards David
  13. It will be great if the new Nikon D200 will fit on the D100 housing
  14. Great photos Luiz ! I really like the first one too
  15. and the last one, I just needed a shark or stingray swimming there
  16. Hi everyone, I just got back in the water with my camera and I decided to get some practice with split photographs. I used my Nikon D100 with a Nikon 16mm lens in a Subal housing. I really think that the 10.5 DX will be much better for the horizontal shots because the 16mm is not wide enough. Please let me know what you think and if you have any advice to get better resoults with this tipe of photography. Thanks
  17. Great photos Ana ! There are all excellent captures, my favorite one is the pofferfish.Congratulations for such a nice work and enjoy your new strobe. Saludos David
  18. Great photos ! I really liked the one with the seahorse. Congratulationa and enjoy David
  19. and another close up almost touching the front port...
  20. A different angle...
  21. Today was a great day ! I had the chance to get some more practice with my new Subal D10 and the 105mm. During the second dive I had the chance to take some nice close ups of a queen angelfish,this guys are normally very shy and hard to aproach but this one was a very friendly one Please let me know what do you think Thanks David
  22. I would like to know if anyone has used underwater the Nikkor 50mm 1.4D with a Nikon DSLR ? I am thinking to try this lens with my nikon D100 for fish portraits but I would like to know if someone has any experience with it. Thanks David
  23. Nice work ! I liked the one with the dugong and the lionfish, I think in some of the other you shoul get a litle closer to the main subject Regards David
  24. Hi all, Few days ago I saw some photos taken with a Non Density filter on a 16mm Nikon and I was surprise with some of the photos.My question is how you can attach or use this filter to the lens? Thanks David
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