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  1. Hi eveyone, Today was my first time using the Subal D10 for the Nikon D100. I seted up housing and camera the night before and everything was fine,but this morning during the first dive I realised that my Nikonos 105sb didn't fired.The camera shows that the flash is ready to fire but nothing happen I am using two Nikonos syncords and I tried just use one flash but nothing happen Has any one had the same problem before ? Thanks David
  2. I think Beaches Resort is great for kids and families and you will have a lots of things to do, but if you are thinking about relax dives with long bottom times I will dive with any other Provo dive operations. If you book with Provo Turtle Divers they will pick you up at Beaches or any other hotel you stay. I normally dive with Provo Turtle Divers , I am and underwater photographer and I really enjoy to be with them because they understand my needs. I will recomend you to stay at Beaches but to dive with someone else because that will be cheaper than stay in a condo and spend a lots of money in the local restaurants. David
  3. Hello, About the diving at Beaches I can spend hours talking about it but I will be short. I worked there as a diving instructor for over two years, it is great for families and diving is included ( not night dives ) but you won't be able to do any shore diving, the dive shop won't let you any tanks for shore diving because the closest reef is about 15 mint. from the resort. If you are planing to take photos I won't personally recomend you to dive with Beaches,the reason of this is beacuse you won't be able to do dives longer than 30 min. and you will have to dive with groups up to 10 divers. If you really want to take photos and enjoy longer dives without the pressure to be back after 30 min dives I will really recomend you to book with Provo Turtle Divers, the owner is an underwater photographer and he understand the needs of photographers. About Tropical Imaging I am one of their photographers, but the only thing we do about diving is rent underwater cameras and do private and group videos ,we specialize in wedding and family photography. David
  4. Thanks James, Do you use manual focus or auto ? I imagine it should be more easy manual because you have two different desitys . David
  5. Hi I am thinking about doing some split photography with the Nikon 16mm/2.8D in a D100. I will be using the subal 8'' port and I would like to know if I have to use any special filter with this lens to get some decent split photos? Thanks David
  6. Hi everyone ! I sould be getting a Subal D10 in the next few weeks and I would like to know if anyone have use before this camera with the Nikonos 105sb ? Thanks David
  7. Hi everyone ! Here are some photos that I took couple of weeks ago with the Nikon colpix 5000. I can't wait to get the Subal D10...
  8. Hi Alex , Thanks for shearing all that information about the D2x, the photographs look amazing. When are you coming to the Turks & Caicos Islands? ... then you can let me try it David
  9. Hi, I am thinking about insuring my new uw photo guear but when I checked the Deep Insurance it looks like that they don't work with people outside USA I don't really know if I am right but can you help me out with this one or if you recomend any other insurance company ? Thanks David
  10. Hi, I would like to know witch Subal port do you need for the Nikon 10.5mm DX and if you need any diopters for it. This will be my first time using Subal glass ports uw, what do you think about them? David
  11. About the diving in the Turks & Caicos... I have been in Providenciales ( Provo ) for the last six years working as a diving instructor and photographer. The dive conditions are good all year around, during the winter months must of the dive operations in providenciales dive on the south of the island, West Caicos and some times French Cay and Noth West Point,I really love the diving in French Cay. The Noth side of Provo know it as Grace Bay is good diving during the summer months but it is normally rough seas and bad dive conditions during the winter . During the summer moths the water is warmer up to 82 degrees and the seas are more calm and normally better visivility. I love the diving during the winter months because you can see more eagle rays and if you are lucky maybe a humpback whales, but the water are more cold,about 74 I know that is nothing when you are use to dive on 50 degrees water. If you want to dive from Provo and do some serious uwphotography I will recomend use a liveabord like the Turks & Caicos Aggressor or the T&C Exporer, you can do up to 5 dives a day and you will be doing night dives on the South of the island and there are just amazing. Another good thing about liveaboards here is that you won't have to spend two hours to go and come back from the dive sites .The value on the liveabords is great , T&C Islands are not cheap you will paid around 90$ and up fot two tank dives but I imagine that you can get some can of packages if you book diving for one week with the same dive shop. There are about nine dive operations in Providenciales I will fully recomend Provo Turtle Divers ,there have been in running in Provo for over 30 years ,they have two Newton dive boats a 42ft and a 38ft. If you are looking for a very small group of divers I will recomend Flamingo Divers but generally all the dive operator here are very professionals and Safe. Grand Turk ... Very diferent than Provo,the dive sites are only five minutes from shore with really beautiful walls and corals , great for macro photography but you won't see as many sharks and eagle rays like the south islands of Provo. What I really love about Grant Turk is that is very small comunity of people very quite and relax place there are not as many hotels and restaurants like Provo. South Caicos.... It is not as popular like Provo or Grand Turk but the diving it is just amazing. A lot of big pelagics during the winter months and great walls ,the only bad thing is during this months the water conditions are normally very rough making sometimes impossible the diving. It is a very quite place with not many palces to stay and eat. Salt Cay.... Great Diving and very healthy marine life. It is a very small island with about 70 people on it and if I am right only two dive operations. The dive sites are only five minutes boat ride. You can do whale waching during the months betteen February to April. There are not many hotels and restaurants but if you really want to be away from civilization that's the place to go. I hope that should help you out to take a decision. Regards David
  12. Hi ! I am finally getting a Subal D10 and I am not sure if you can get the GS viewfinder for this housing. Tanks David
  13. Hi everyone, I have been doing a lots of research about the Subal D10 housing. I thought about getting a new Subal housing for my Nikon D100 but I got an offer for a second hand D10 , about two years old for 2000$ ( No ports ) I am asking for sugestions because I don,t have any experience with subal housings but I know that there are very strong. My thought if you think that it will be safer to get a new one that there are about 3150$ and you getting 2 years warranty I find quite hard to buy things on the internet and more when you are in the Turks & Caicos and far from and photo store. Can you guys give me some advice B) Thanks David
  14. Hi everyone, I am selling a Hugyfot housing for the Nikon N90 ( 3 years old ) , fisheye dome port for the 16mm and protection cap. Port for 50mm and protection cap. Port and protection cap for the Nikon 105mm . Aperture and manual focus guears for the Nikon 16mm,20mm,50mm and 105mm lenses. I am selling everything for 1300$ US,please let my know if you are interested and if you need any photos of the equipment. David
  15. Hi everyone ! I found this interesting new, it doesn't have much to do with digital photography but it is quite important. http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/a..._ge/safer_x_ray David
  16. What I don't like about the Nikon D100 is that the camera doesn't sync faster than 180th of a second and D70 does. Here in the Turks & Caicos I work as a wedding and family portrait photographer for a private company.We use only Canon cameras 1D and the 1D MarkII , I really love to play with the depth of field when I do weddings and I use alot Aperture Priority , with the Canon 1D or 10D you can set the flash in High Mode and the camera will "sync" with the flash at any aperture witout overexposing the photo. I try don't use much the flash and use natural light but when you do a wedding here at 12 pm you get a lots of shadows and you need it. I took my D100 and I try few shots with the flash on the beach and I couldn't use any aperture below f10 without overexposing the photo. I love Nikon and I have been using in the past and N90 and I have must of the lenses for underwater and the only reason I thought about the D70 is because the housing I am thinking to buy Subal or Hugyfot are much cheaper than for the D100 and lighter and I use it for fun shots here and wait for the replacement of the D100 to use for weddings. David
  17. Hi everyone !!! I don't really know what to do, I have been looking around for a housing for my nikon D100 but few people told me that it maybe better to get the newer Nikon D70 and find a housing for it. I have been using the D100 here in the Turks & Caicos for the last seven months for land photography and I am not really creazy with it . In the last few days I thought about maybe selling my D100 and getting a D70 and then get the newest Hugyfot for the D70 beacuse I allready have the ports . I know that the viewfinder of the D100 is bigger than the D70 but I don't think that should be such a big difference. Can you guys help me out with this decision. Thanks David
  18. Hi everyone ! I am looking for a 2nd hand Subal D10,with or without the ports. Thanks David
  19. Hi everyone !!! I need some advice about getting a housing for my nikon D100. In the last couple of years I have been using a Hugyfot for the nikon N90,I thought about using the same brand but because I live in the Turks & Caicos Islands I think about getting one from a company from the USA or close because it will be easier to get it here and to get spare parts. Another of my questions is if it will be woth it to get a housing for this camera or better to wait for the replacement of the the Nikon D100? Thanks !!!
  20. Hi everyone !!! I need some advice about getting a housing for my nikon D100. In the last couple of years I have been using a Hugyfot for the nikon N90,I thought about using the same brand but because I live in the Turks & Caicos Islands I think about getting one from a company from the USA or close because it will be easier to get it here and to get spare parts. Another of my questions is if it will be woth it to get a housing for this camera or better to wait for the replacement of the the Nikon D100? Thanks !!!
  21. Thanks Guys !! I'm glad you liked these photos,for the whale sharks shoots I used the wide angle port that you can atach in from of the tetra light &Motion housing, I really loved that you can go from taken photos of a mataray to a seahorse in a single dive. The boat I was in Galapagos was the Deep Blue,it was great . Regards David
  22. Hi Guys ! Here are some of the photos I took in my last trip to Galapagos Islands, all the photos were taken with a Nicon Colpix 5000 in a tetra Light & Motion housing and dual Nikones 105 strobes. I was very happy and surprised with the final resoults because I didn't have much experience with this camera .This was my back up camera but it become my main one after I flooded my Nikon N90 in a Hugyfot housing the second day of the trip I hope you enjoy them and please let me know what do you think www.pbase.com/dgallardo/galapagos_underwater.com Best Regards David
  23. I just took this photograph two days ago in French Cay,Turks & Caicos Islands with a Nikon Colpix.Please let my know what you think, I was very happy with the composition and colors. Thanks David
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