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  1. Hi everyone, I just got an e-mail from Tom Leys sales director of Hugyfot and he said that the new housing for the Nikon D70 will be ready in the next few weeks. Price will be around 1720 Euros. Regards David
  2. Hi everyone !!! I finally decided to try to get a housing for my nikon D100, my big question is to know which one to get. I have been using a Hugyfot for a Nikon N90 for the last few years, but the price of the housing for the D100 is about 2200 Euros. I really love the Hugy but I think the price is a little out of my budget. My last dive trip I saw few people using Ikelite housings and I would like to know if anyone has any experince using the Ikelite for the Nikon D100 and how much it will be aprox. the get the housing, fisheye port ,105mm and 50mm ports. Thanks David
  3. Hi everyone !!! I have a Nikon D100 and I would like to know if is woth it to get a housing for this camera or is better to get a D70 and buy a housing for this one. I heard really good coments about the D70 and the faster shutter speed, but I still not sure about what to do ??? Thanks for your help David
  4. Hi everyone, I heard that Hugyfot is coming with a new housing for the Nikon D70 at the end of this month. Can you please let my now if you heard any information about that and what do you think about this company :?:
  5. Hi everyone ! My name is david and I am new here .I am looking for any information about the Hugyfot housing for the Nikon D100.I actually own one of this housings for the Nikon N90 but I would like to know if anyone use or know anybody that use this housing before with the D100 :?: Thanks
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