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  1. It looks like I might be able to squeeze a days diving into our itinerary in mid-July and I'd like to see/photograph some kelp forest. We were going to go to Monterey but perhaps we'd be better spending a couple of nights at Catalina Island. Is a day trip to the Channel Islands out of Ventura an option ? My understanding is that bringing my drysuit would be a good idea for Monterey but a rental wetsuit would be OK for Catalina. Is that correct ? Any suggestions or recommendations ? Steve.
  2. Simon, Love the photos. We (myself, wife Sue and Varun from New Zealand) were on the same L4R trip as you in 2012. It was the Truk-Ox that gave it away. Steve.
  3. That's an impressive little beast, especially at that price. I had a quick Google and you just need to pulse the focus pin to GND (I'd expect 100ms would be a good). I'd suggest using a digital in, transistor out optocoupler between the microcontroller and the camera. That would be the minimum number of components to wire up while being pretty much bullet-proof in terms of camera safety. It looks like Nikon use a variety of proprietary connectors so I'd buy a cheap shutter cable release to match the camera and then cut the cable off to get the connector and cable. Steve.
  4. For your "keep alive" problem - Will a half press of the shutter do the same thing ? It would with a Canon so I'd expect the same with the Nikon. If that's the case, you could connect your microcontroller to the external shutter release connector and then you'd just need a transistor rather than an actuator and all the mechanics. I agree about powering through the Ikelite strobe connector. Since you mention using a microcontroller, does that mean you have the ability to get a custom pcb made ? I looked at doing something similar and was going to make my own PCB to go where the Ikelite one goes. That way you get the wiring to the strobe connector and power to your microcontroller and it's not rattling around in the box. PCB's and microcontrollers are what I do, so it makes sense for me. It may or may not for you. How are you getting the video out ? Steve.
  5. That's interesting. Is that something you sell and/or is it part of your mini-dome setup for this housing ? Hmmm. If I sell this and that and those and ...... Steve.
  6. Maybe someone who has seen/handled this housing can answer this for me. Given the technical capability, would it be possible to make an adapter to fit a standard or modular dome port to this housing ? This camera/housing seems to tick most of the boxes for me (especially with a mini-dome) except that I have a couple of over/under and snells window shots I'd like to try and get if the situation arises. It seems a bit silly to have both this and my existing 40D setup just in case. Any thoughts ? Steve.
  7. I had acromioplasty, supraspinatus repair and bicep tenodesis. I was just trying to put the recovery into some sort of context. I hope it all goes well for you.
  8. I had an infraclavicular block (similar thing at a different place on the nerve) and it really does work well. I had the op at 6pm and discharged the following morning at 10am and had to stand up and give a eulogy that day at 1:30pm. I was exhausted at the end but didn't really have any pain to speak of. I don't know that I'd call it a painful recovery. It's more that a lot of movements cause pain, especially trying to sleep. I slept on the couch for a couple of months because that stopped me from rolling on to my back which is painful when your arm slides back. I was back working at the computer in short bursts in a few weeks. Use the other hand for the mouse and put the keyboard under the other hand to press the shift key, etc. It's more a journey of discovery of things that you can't do yet. This week I discovered that I can't throw a blanket on to the clothes line yet. I can understand the desire to go somewhere warm to convalesce. Ironically, mine is just about all healed and we're coming up to your part of the world (mostly Fairbanks) for Christmas. We won't be diving there though.
  9. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but a shoulder takes a long time to recover. I've had all of mine done and they were each 6-8 months before I was diving again. It's not the heavy work (tanks, ladders, cameras, etc) that gets you, it's trying to push your arm into a wetsuit, putting a mask over your head or shooing away a fly. It's very frustrating. Sorry.
  10. Is that your typical lighting setup for those shots Tom ? It's a bit hard to see in the picture. Could you describe it please. Steve
  11. I don't have it installed on my machine any more. The Powershot camera controller is similar to the EOS utility that comes with DSLRs. You can zoom, (auto)focus, adjust shutter speed, aperture, ISO, etc. The version I had ran on a PC.
  12. Wifi does sound like a good option. You can control the Canon Powershot P&S cameras via USB. There is also the option of using CHDK (Google it) and writing a script to control the camera (eg. Use motion detection and then shoot a range of bracketed shots). Some of them also have IR remotes. The only thing that you may or may not have considered is just how big a housed DSLR is, when you try to get it into a pool. Steve.
  13. Thanks for that KohalaDiver. We'll be visiting around New Year and a few shore dives might be a welcome break and a bit easier on the budget.
  14. Obviously, if you can get to the outer reef and Coral Sea, it's a no-brainer. Do it. However, I think that the day trip reef destinations are nowhere near as bad as people make them out to be. We went out with Deep Sea Divers Den out of Cairns in November and I was expecting a pile of dead coral and one very annoyed looking nemo. But that wasn't what we got. The reef was in really good condition and had plenty of life in and around it. The company we went with is one of the smaller ones and do a one night (or more) liveaboard on the ribbon reef which gets you a night dive and couple more dives than doing two day trips. If you do go with them, the live-aboard boat requires a giant stride entry from about 5-6ft, which may be a factor for you. Steve.
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