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  1. I use the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8. This lens does not have the protrusion that sticks into the camera turret like the canon EF-S lenses. Which enables the mirror to flap out of place without breaking. This lens is rectilinear which I prefer to fisheye for video work,
  2. Seacam definitely went the correct path with there housing of this lens. Opting to incase the entire lens. Unlike Gates and Nauticam. https://wetpixel.com/articles/seacam-announces-lens-support-for-laowa-lenses
  3. Nauticam have solved the battery issue time and again With the SonyA7Sii as well as the Blackmagis Cinema camera. I really don't see this as a huge obstacle.
  4. I wonder when we the first housing will be announced. I cannot believe that someone won't make a housing for this.
  5. The cylinder is the audio buzzer that sounds in the event of moisture bridging the 2 pin sensor.
  6. From the "RedUser Forum" John Ellerbrock of Gates has confirmed that Gates has been working with with Laowa / Venus Optics for a while now and they will have a version or port out soon. He also mentioned that the one that BP2 used was manufactured by Esprit Films and Television / Dave Blackham.
  7. A long time ago Inon made one of these but the optics were terrible not yielding any part of the image sharp. This version from Laowa looks to be far superior. I would be very interested in trying out this for wide angle macro video underwater. I will probably try and have a port built for it to fit a Nauticam. Do any of you have any thoughts on this. Check out these links. https://www.cinema5d.com/snorkel-macro-lens-video-review-laowa-24mm-f14-probe-lens/ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/laowa/revolutionize-macro-videography-laowa-24mm-f-14-pr?ref=6wydht
  8. Have Nauticam come out with a Newer Compatibility Chart with Zoom and Focus Gear part numbers for Nauticam's Cinema Housings If so please can you put up a link. I am also looking for any Pool Chart Tests for this optic. Thanks
  9. Hi Ryan Thanks for the replies. I saw somewhere someone using the EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Lens on C200 with a WACP. Would this give more versatility (in terms of angle of cover) using a S35mm (DX) type sensor or would you still recommend the 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM for S35 format. Also is the front element of the WACP replaceable by a Nauticam service center like Reef (or would it require sending back to Nauticam HQ if it got scratched) and what would the cost be to replace that element.
  10. Are there any updates with regard to new lenses (i.e. DX or EFs lenses) or test charts that have been shot with the WACP
  11. Has any one tried the WACP with a Red Weapon and a 17-55mm or any other DX Kit lenses. Very interested in this for video work in the 6K-8K range i.e. 1,3x - 1,6x crop.
  12. Thanks for this. Why does it plug into the hdmi port. I guess this then excludes the possibility of using the atomos Showgun. Definitely looks like something that would excite TSA agents
  13. Has anyone tried the Sony A7Sii in the Nauticam housing with the Nikonos 15mm lens. This lens was legendary back in the days of film for its edge to edge sharpness and lack of distortion. I was wondering what this setup might be like as a compact rig for freediving and recording 4K with. The new Sony's ability to now record internal 4K makes this rig small enough with the 15mm lens on it to be able to freedive all day with.
  14. The Pix-5 is defiantly a nicer option to take underwater. I would defiantly be interested if Nauricam came out with a housing. The Showgun is just too big if you are having to swim hard.
  15. Hi Alex This is looking very promising and exciting. Do you have any plans to sell them commercially and for other housings.
  16. There is also an underwater wifi extension kit available from http://www.cam-do.com/GoProUnderwaterSolutions.html#wifi It looks like a reasonably good solution for $100.
  17. No if you select 10 bit the camera can only output this through hdmi with no internal recording.
  18. Well the BMC 4K looks like it is starting to ship and at a reduced price of $2995 which is quite a nice suprise. http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/press/pressdetails?releaseID=58775
  19. I have 3 Nauticam dslr housings. I usually travel with 2 systems which is really becoming a huge problem with airline baggage restrictions. Especially as more often than not the second system does not even get used it is just a backup in the event of something going wrong with my primary system. I started to look around for a smaller B camera and the NEX 5 seems to be a good small backup. My natural thought way to get a Nauticam housing which I have been very happy with for the NEX . When I started to look into it I discovered that Nauticam DO NOT make an adapter ring to go from there full sized ports to their mirrorless camera mount. I must say I was very surprised. As they seem to make every other type of adapter ring. It would be very handy to be able to double up on ports like the Zen 100 and Zen 170 domes and even possibly some of the macro ports. I am interested if I am the only one who's has run into this issue. I have to wonder if it is just a lack of demand or whether it is not possible from a design stand point. Mark
  20. What type of SDI cable and bulkhead were you using. Presumably it would have to be 3G spec to carry that amount of data. Any advise or links would really be appreciated. Thanks
  21. Well RAW has arrived for this little camera. Record times approximately 20 mins at 24fps on a 64gb card. Has anyone tried this camera underwater yet.
  22. CatDV. You can download a free trial. It is very powerfully with a lot of add on modules and plugins for Premier Avid and FinalCut to be able to access your footage strait into your NLE. The down side is it is pricy.
  23. Hi David congrats on this. If you get a chance could you try it with a cropped sensor and say a 10-22mm. Could you also try it at some wider apitures say 5.6 of f4. Good luck. Mark
  24. I totally agree David. Just need to get a bigger CF card 12 mins on a 64GB just doesn't cut it for a really great dive. I shot the ML RAW exclusively for the sardine run and I was amazed by the resolution and color. Still trying to streamline my work flow. I think RAWinizer and then strait into Resolve is going to work best for me although I do like the convenience of Ginger with premier.
  25. Same body same housing new sensor what more could we want.
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