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  1. Hi, I just cant understand why the 14-24mm is worse than 16-35mm. if you shoot both on 20mm, is the 16-35 still the better one (without any diopter)? Oystein
  2. Hi, What will I benefit from upgrading my D3 to a D4? Is it worth the (huge) cost? Anyone had experience with both cameras? Oystein
  3. Thanks Paul for your advices, Just for your info, all shots are taken with manual setting. I have not checked if this problem occur with TTL settings. I will try to change the connector inside the house to see if this affect the result. Again thanks. Oystein
  4. Hi, I have some problems with recycling of the strobes. It takes 30 sec – 1 min before the strobes is ready for a new flash. The “ready” indicator shows OK all the time, but If I fire two shots within less that 30 sec, the strobes will not fire on the second shot. If I turn the camera on off and on again, the strobes is ready right away, and I’m able to take pictures as quick as I can turn the camera on/off. I have new battery packs for the strobes. Equipment: Nikon D3 Subrtonic MIDI, battery packs in the arms Subal housing with 2x single sync cords to the strobes Do anyone have an idea to what’s wrong? Brgds Oystein
  5. Hi, I just read for the Nikon web page that the D3 supports different formats: Compatible with three image-sensor formats – FX format (36 x 24), 5:4 (30 x 24) and DX format (24 x 16) Image size (pixels) FX format (36 x 24): 4,256 x 2,832 [L], 3,184 x 2,120 [M], 2,128 x 1,416 5:4 (30 x 24): 3,552 x 2,832 [L], 2,656 x 2,120 [M], 1,776 x 1,416 DX format (24 x 16): 2,784 x 1,848 [L], 2,080 x 1,384 [M], 1,392 x 920 Does this mean that I can use the Tokina 10-17 lens on a D3? Have anyone tried this? Oystein
  6. Hi Allan, Sorry, it must be 104's. Oystein
  7. Hi, I need one more Sb 104 strobe, no problem if battery pack is broken as I have new. If you have one (or two) for sale, please drop me an e-mail: stein68@hotmail.com Brgds Oystein
  8. Plura, cave north of Norway D70/Subal, Tokina 10-17mm, 2xInon Z240 + 2xSB104 remote strobes Ø. Røimål
  9. Hi, Is the SWP25 still for sale? Price? Oystein
  10. Hi, Need Fisheye dome port to my Subal ND70 with 10,5mm. Please send mail stein68@hotmail.com Brgds Oystein (Norway)
  11. Hi, Please advice price for the fisheye dome, also post picture of the mark if possible. Will the mark disturb the pictures? Brgds Oystein
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