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  1. Thanks for all the tips guys. I'm finally back from my trip. And thought I would post some pics. Well, turns out i'm not the best of divers so between taking great pictures close up and ensuring the safety of the corals, i picked the coral reef. So my pics aren't as good as I had hoped. A lot of blur too. But i'm more than satisfied for most. If someone wants to play around with the pictures, be my guest. I have the originals in 12MP (not RAW sadly) and have no problems posting them somewhere for someone. In the meantime, this is a public album http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2069...mp;id=836570577
  2. Hey Thanks So I shouldn't use the Underwater setting and instead, go for Cloudy or AWB? Also for those that took a video with it, is it okay if i limit the size to 640 by 480? I tried the 1024 but it used up over a 100 megs for a 12 second video. no way i'll have that much memory space left. but if at 640, the video quality will be shit then i have no choice.
  3. Hey Getting my Advanced Certification. Wanting to know about a credible dive center you guys can recommend. Found 4 but can't say which is good and which isn't. Thanks
  4. Ok Assigned. Do i need to do some setting for Custom WB 1? Like something that tells the camera what to do when Custom WB 1 is selected? I have it assigned now and everytime i press it, it makes a click sound, screen goes black and then comes on. Is that really all that there is to it or is there more I have to do to set it up?
  5. Regarding White Balancing I added a short cut for white balance on the top left button. Now I don't understand what pressing that button means. When i press that button, it opens up the menu that shows AWB, daylight, cloud, tungsten, underwater ...etc and waits for me to choose. Did i program this button right?
  6. Bought the casing: Quick things to notice: - It says i should clean the O Ring by taking it off with my fingers and using a silicone thing they gave me. I tried to take the o ring out with my fingers but it doesn't budge and i don't want to pull. How do i do this? Also, do i just rub the silicone drops on my fingers and then just run them over the o ring to clean it? - Where can I purchase the magic filter? Thank you
  7. Hey thanks That's the plan. I won't be taking the camera on the first 2 dives with me. I played with it a bit yesterday and LOVED it. And yes, I'm hoping some of my dives are variable, going up to 50 and 60 as well. Let's see.
  8. Phew. I thought my camera was broke. I'm in P Mode now and everything seems fine. While I am sorta familiar with shutter speeds and appeture settings, i can pretty much use P without changing any camera settings per say right?
  9. I may be the dumbest person in the world. I have the camera set on Auto I'm clicking Func/Set (so i can choose the left side vertical options). It only allows me to choose S and L. Nothing else. How do i get to the color changing (Sepia) and AWB. its not letting me. I've only been able to do it in Movie Mode. The manual says I should be able to access it in AUTO.
  10. Hey Just wanted to inform you all that I bought the G9, a demo unit for additional money off. I've confirmed and will be getting the casing tomorrow.
  11. Is there anything wrong with I use thef filter even close up? Will the pictures not show up?
  12. You guys have been awesome with information. I will keep you guys updated on what I am upto.
  13. Brilliant Thanks for all the help. I'm in ottawa and i found the casing in store at Vistek right now (just called them) so i will pick it up soon. Looking for the camera now (will stop at bestbuy today). I'll be at a depth of 100 feet. Still no flash? (no externals, too costly for me right now) I did find a great little site where someone took pictures with a G9 without RAW but at 60 feet. Thought some of you might be interested. This type of picture quality was good enough for me. Has anyone tried using the video underwater? If so, is it good enough for youtubing with no lights? Anyone has links? http://www.kodakgallery.com/ShareLandingRe...71_193844708111
  14. Thanks I found a couple of 3rd party websites selling that housing. Looks like I'll have to get my hands on that housing quick. And thanks for the help on the magic filter. I will be diving in Thailand. Can I assume thats the 'blue water'? And do i need to buy extras? Also someone suggested investing in silicone and additional O Rings. Can i get that from a place like B and H (I live in canada but can ask someone to buy it for me). Thanks again for the helpful advice.
  15. Hey thanks for the info. As i said, I do not know anything about underwater photography. Where can i get a magic filter and how much do these things cost?
  16. There is a thread in the forum already comparing the Ikelite casing to the one offered by Canon for the G9 but it seems it went off on a tangent. Facts: - I'm a Beginner - I'm getting my advanced PADI Certification so will be going to 100 feet of depth - I want to take pictures mainly for memory and to show to friends. - I don't have a lot of money. - I will probably be diving in January in Phuket but do not think I will get an opportunity to dive for another year or 2. Is getting JUST the Canon underwater casing be good enough for taking pictures? As i know zilch about underwater photography (where to take pictures, how close can i be, how far i can be), I'm looking for some help here. Or do I absolutely absolutely, as a beginner and probably not doing this much still need to get stuff like Strobes and what not because not investing in them at those depths is completely useless. The entire combo is costing me 700 bucks ... any suggestions?
  17. Thanks Would you have any recommendations however for Camera/Housing combos that in your experience (and reasonable price range), would be worth trying out? As for the website, thanks a lot. Looking at it now.
  18. Hi I'm looking to invest in an HD Camcorder and finally dived last year, only to realize that if i had captured some of what I saw on film, the dive would have been that much better. Recently, I have been looking at the Xtaci HD1010 which people keep syaing is a wonderful camera. The form factor looks great. From what I've read though, it seems its housing is anything BUT! Is there anyone who can give me advice on what to buy instead then?I had my heart set on the Sanyo because the price and the size was great. Right now, I have no idea what I should invest in anymore as most other casings and cameras I have found are terribly expensive. I will be going diving in December in Phuket. Should be fun. Any advice will be much appreciated.
  19. Looks like I won't be buying this product then, which is sad because I love the camera so much. Any advice on what to invest in instead?
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