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  1. The draft plan for a Coral Sea Marine Reserve was released today: http://www.environment.gov.au/coasts/mbp/c...reserveproposal "The government’s draft plan for this iconic area leaves out the majority of the coral reefs and important breeding sites for tuna and marlin. Many of the jewels in the crown of the Coral Sea remain unprotected as they lie in the western half: only two of about 25 unprotected reefs are given a high level of protection. By extending the proposed marine national park to include the western half of the Coral Sea, the Australian government could create the world’s single largest marine national park." A submission form is available: http://www.protectourcoralsea.org.au/ Or you can make submissions through the governments website directly at the first link.
  2. Nicely articulated closing statement Wagsy Found this nice quote today made by Valerie Taylor when she was interviewed by Sixty Minutes about protected areas in the Commonwealth waters around Australia. “I would love to think that my little nephews and your grandchildren could see a little bit of the ocean off the coast of Australia as nature intended it to be, not as man has made it. I would like to think that. That's my hope.” – Valerie Taylor
  3. The article is here: http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/243130/2011...marine-park.htm and excerpts: "Labor is considering proposals to increase protection on Coral Sea, and distinguish parts of the world's largest marine protected area with differing levels of environmental protection, The Age reported. The Age believes the draft proposal for half of the tropical waters between the Great Barrier Reef and the edge of Australian territory will be under ''no take'' reserves, stopping fishing. The Coral Sea makes up 972,000 square kilometres of the world's largest marine paradise. While there will be ''no take'' reserves in a significant part of the Coral Sea, the proposal will allow for multi-use, single-use and wilderness conservation areas allowing recreational fishing, some commercial fishing, or both, to differing degrees in the rest of the marine sanctuary. The draft proposal is still being finalised before its release in coming weeks, said the Age." Website for the campaign is: http://www.protectourcoralsea.org.au
  4. Just wanted to let you know of the work being undertaken to protect the Coral Sea in Australian waters. We are currently working towards a large, fully-protected marine park that will run parallel with the Great Barrier Reef marine park all the way out to the edge of Australia's territorial waters. There is a petition, plus detailed information on the www.protectourcoralsea.org.au website and the Australian Marine Conservation Society website. Anyone who has had the good fortune to dive this part of the world will understand how special it is, and how exciting it will be if we successfully achieve the high level of protection we are aiming for. Feel free to message me if you would like anymore information, or want to put in an offer to help. We are also very keen to get testimonials (in writing, pictures or video) from people who have experienced this area for themselves and would like to see it protected. Thanks.
  5. Thanks Larry, the link was for the 18-55 but I used the site to look at the 15-85mm review which is here: http://www.photozone.de/canon-eos/465-canon_1585_3556is I would be keen to here from anyone who has used this lens underwater???
  6. Lovely image...just one question: is there a hook in the shark's mouth?
  7. Hi, Can anyone point me to a review for the Canon 15-85mm lens? I had a look through past threads but couldn't see anything... Thanks.
  8. I have seen people come very close to this, also check it doesn't cause issues with your camera aligning with controls. I think silica gel is a help but don't rely on it entirely take other steps to help like... never leave you camera/housing in the direct sun (or shade that moves when a boat swings). If you use the internal flash a lot it can heat the air up inside small housings and contribute to fogging, if this happens try turning it off for a while. Regarding setting up in air-conditioning versus outside, I am a bigger fan of setting them up outside but this depends on having somewhere safe to do it, if it is a daytrip set it up at home, seal it and water-test it before you head out. On liveaboards I bring electronics outside wrapped in a towel and let them come slowly to ambient temperature (still wrapped) then set them up in their housings. Also I would avoid leaving my camera in a communal rinse tank in case a bigger heavier one got dropped in on top of it; but if you are on an boat with little shade, and only a couple of people, I can see how a tub of water could help keep your camera cool.
  9. Most of my experience is in Australia so I will keep it shor: 1) Osprey Reef, Coral Sea 2) Yongala Wreck off Ayr, Queensland 3) Lighthouse Bommie during Minke Whale season (actually any Ribbon Reef dive site between Flare Point and Cod Hole), Australia 4) Braving the cold of Port Phillip Bay for seals, sea dragons, blue-ringed octopi and seahorses.
  10. Hi Daniel, Are you after a workshop to learn underwater photography or for the experience and diving? Also where in the world were you looking for a workshop? It may help us answer your question. I know of underwater photography courses in lots of places, but expedition style workshops tend to be in really good dive locations which come with a price tag.
  11. Hi, I have just purchased a second hand setup which included 1 x Hartenberger nano compact and 1 x Fisheye LED 500DX. Both these lights seem beautiful. Although the Harenberger has the edge (in my opinion ) in beautiful construction, including a filter thread; it also has no noticeable 'hotspot' (this was a quick test in a semi-darkened room on a wall). The fisheye LED on the other hand does have a noticeable hot spot, which makes it appear brighter (but I think overall the Hartenberger might have the edge). The LED's are much more of a blue/white whereas the Hartenbergo halogen is a warmer tone. I have three questions: 1) has anyone seen a diffuser around for the Fisheye? If there is one does it eliminate or just reduce the hotspot? 2) I cannot imagine that using 1 x LED and 1 x Halogen is ever going to work for video...so has anyone got any feedback on these lights that might help me choose which one I should buy a second one of? 3) What am I losing out on by using either of these instead of dedicated video lights such as the Sunray's by Light and Motion? Thanks in advance for any help!
  12. Thanks for all the great comments...sounds like it will be the Sony CX500 or a good rental Sony HC? setup...then maybe wait to see what the next round of DSLR's bring in video capabilities before I contemplate an upgrade to my 40D. I must admit the thought of the 7D with a fisheye on the front sounded like it could be the go, but if the processing is also going to need a lot extra careful attention... Thanks again.
  13. Hi, I am primarily a stills photographer (currently shooting with a housed Canon 40D) but also require video for some customers. Previously I have hired video gear when required, but the time has come to bite the bullet and purchase. As my skill and experience mainly lies in still photography I wonder whether I should keep it simpler with a Sony HDR-CX500, or considering I already have an investment in good lenses, I should get the Canon 7D? Video quality is more important than having everything in one housing, but having everything in one housing would certainly be handy! The video is potentially for broadcast use in addition to a DVD production. I could always hang off and go back to hiring until there are more developments as far as the converging technologies are concerned but that is always the case...always something new on the horizon. Thanks in advance for any help / insights / thoughts.
  14. Hi Everyone, Thank you for your replies... Tjsnapper - how do you find juggling between the PC and Mac? Are there lots of swear words involved or is it ok? The Lenovo looks great but BIG, although built in calibration sounds very nice. I have the CS2 suite and Lightroom plus use Dreamweaver and Jalbum for my website. Imovie HD should do for now, until work justifies Final Cut Pro. The photo processing I do is managing my RAW images and the odd bit of photoshop or indesign layout work for brochures / websites, etc. I just checked out the local Apple shop and now that the USA / AUD exchange rate has swung against us the Macbook Pro 15 inch is sitting at A$3,999
  15. hi, I need some advice. I have researched this a little and I do not want to respark a Mac versus PC battle...but, I want to do video and photo work. Am familiar with both PC's and Macs. Already have a PC laptop (which needs an upgrade, hence the post). On trips I visualise using the PC laptop for the photo editing while my new laptop renders...at home it will be the new laptop all the way (I have a separate Samsung monitor to save craning over the laptop monitor). I use Photoshop CS3 for editing my photos, but also have lightroom. My software choice for video will be decided on depending on which laptop I choose (if I went Mac, I presume Final Cut is the no-brainer??). A lot of people just say Mac Book Pro... are they right? I read the earlier post about the better gamuts of some of the pc laptops...how crucial is this? I already have a glossy screen with my current laptop so I have gone through the transition from a matt screen already. Of course cost is important...I am running a business I do not want to spend money for the sake of it and I am aware that a cheaper PC would give me more money for good software...but then would you buy a cheaper model of camera to afford more expensive lenses (complete side issue, please ignore). Any help, light, advice you can shed I would greatly appreciate. I know there are a whole host of other issues such as battery life, screen size, etc. But if anyone could point me towards what they believe, in their honest opinion, would be a good laptop for my needs, I would be very thankful.
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