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  1. Thank you for all interested replies! Sorry for my slowness. I have sent PMs to both individuals interested in purchase of the entire system. Sale price is $2,500. Original cost is $4,631. Nothing has been in use. All original packaging and warranty cards are included.
  2. All, To be clear, I am reluctant to sell the Z-240 by itself, because then if someone wants the housing and camera together they would need to obtain a strobe separately. I'm willing to sell the strobe along with the housing, camera, and just the essential accessories like batteries, charger, lens, port, and magnifier, eliminating the nonessential extras, which would reduce the price only slightly. If it turns out that the best solution is to list everything separately on e-bay, I'll do that, but I would first like to sell the essentials to someone who wants to move up to a great new complete mirrorless DSLR system. Yes I do still have everything, unused in original packaging, but I can't figure out how to post a PM. Can you write to me directly, or at least explain what I need to do to post a PM? Thanks for the interest!
  3. Still unsold. I may repackage just the underwater stuff in a Pelican case and offer it as a turnkey, ready to fly kit. Otherwise, I will consider breaking it up. Which pieces interest you?
  4. Okay, deal. Please write to me off-list, as I cannot figure out this "PM" business.
  5. JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS! Still UNUSED in original packaging with original warranties! Awesome deal! For individual pricing, please contact me directly. Chet Hedden
  6. Okay, the system is still new, unused, and in factory packaging. Value $4,631. Will drop price to $2,500. Chet
  7. This sounds like a good tip. Do you mean the "next unread topic"? Is this when you are browsing the listings?
  8. Thanks, Adam. Unfortunately, the original price appears first in the original posting, so unless I can change the title or edit the original, readers are unlikely to scroll down past the original price to find the new one, right? Is it okay to list the items in a new post at the lower price?
  9. Never mind. I found the original post. Still need to know how to repost at a lower price point.
  10. Steve, my posting seems to have disappeared. Not sure why. BTW, I would like to reduce the asking price for the system I have for sale. Not sure how to do that. Can I repost or change a previous post? What happened to my original post?
  11. eyu, I will do that if I can find takers for the rest of the system. Thanks.
  12. This is one of the most desirable compact professional systems available. Everything is brand new, never been in the water, demoed, handled, or used in any way. I simply unpacked and assembled for the photos, then disassembled and repackaged in the original factory boxes. Extras, like the electronic viewfinder and leather case are included. I purchased it for my wife who did not take a fancy to it. I purchased the system from REEF and can supply the original invoice. I am offering it at 35% off retail because I am a videographer and do not do stills. If the price is too high, please make me an offer.
  13. Includes: Sony NEX-5R Compact Digital Camera (mirrorless DSLR) Sony 18-55mm Lens Sony FDA-EVIS Electronic Viewfinder for NEX-5 Digital Cameras Cowboy Studio NEX-5R Body and Rear 10-55mm Lens Caps Sony LCSEMF/B Carrying Case Shapotkina Leather Case for NEX-5R Sony NPFW50 Batteries (3) Watson Duo LCD Charger for Sony NPFW50 Batteries Nauticam NA-NEX5R Housing for Sony NEX-5R and NEX-5T Cameras Nauticam Flat Port 72 Nauticam Zoom Gear SEL 1855-Z for 18-55 Lens Nauticam Flexitray II w/Left Handle Nauticam Adjustable Right Handle for Flexitray II Nauticam 1" Base Balls for Flexitray Handles (2) Nauticam Clamps for 1" Ball Arm Systems (2) Nauticam LCD Magnifier with Dioptric Adjustment Nauticam Attachment Rails for LCD Magnifier on NA-NEX5R Housing Nauticam Carbon Fiber Float Arm 150mm x 90mm / 6" x 3.5" Nauticam 1" Ball Mount for Inon Z-240 Strobe Nauticam to Inon Fiber Optic Cable Ikelite UR/Pro Blue Water Filter for 3.9" Diameter Ports Inon Z-240 Strobe Type 4 Sanyo Eneloop AA 2000 MAH NIMH 1800X Batteries (4) for Z-240 Sanyo Eneloop 4 Position Charger w/ AA 2000 MAH NIMH 1800X Batteries (4) All Manuals, Warranty Cards, Accessories & Packaging as Pictured Included but not pictured: David Busch's Sony Alpha NEX5-N Guide of Digital Photography Retail Price: $4,631.00 plus shipping Sale Price: $3,000.00 plus shipping
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