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  1. Hi Deb This is the same problem as i am.the mini dome and extensions are not work with the sigma 15mm fe .you have to cut the lens hood on the lens about 10mm.and maybe also the dome hood.. Regards Pao
  2. Would u like to sale the ports separately ? Regard Pao
  3. I'm interesting in the 5d body. would you ship to to Thailand?
  4. I'm looking for USED Canon 5D body, if any one'd like to sell. Please leave the information to my email : al_paoqp@hotmail.com Thanks Pao
  5. I'm looking for the USED 10Bar housing for the Panasonic LX3 camera. If anyone would love to sell, please e-mail to me (al_paoqp@hotmail.com) Cheers
  6. Thanks Chong. I sent an e-mail to him already.
  7. i 'm looking for anthis nexus d 200 housing
  8. I 'M interest in the housing please PM for more imformation.thaks, al_paoqp@hotmail.com
  9. hello all. i'm new in this forum.i have 1 quition how about the nexus NF10 for nikon 10.5 fisheyes.will it work with tokina 10-17 fish eye. thank
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