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  1. Guys, Just click on Richard‘s link in his signature box … Custom 3D printed parts
  2. Hi wetpixel community, Has anyone ever built an adapter to mount the nauticam bayonet mount onto an inon UWL H-100 lens? I do have both items, now I would just need an adapter to screw the nauticam bayonet adapter onto the inon with the right hight. Would appreciate any help. Thanks Nils
  3. Sorry, but the strobe is SOLD
  4. Selling my subtronic PRO 160 flash with S6-socket. The subtronic got some minor scratches on the domeport, which doesn’t affect the function of the flash tube at all. As you can see on the pictures below, I’m selling the flash included: - Almost unused 1.3 Ah battery-arm - Sync cable N5/S6 - Charger for international use (IN: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz; OUT: 8.4 V, 1.3 A) - Neoprene Cover (dark grey) The item is located in Germany. Would sell it for 750,- Euros + shipping costs. If you have any questions ... just write me a message Cheers Nils
  5. No one??? Price reducing to 200,- Euros including shipping costs in Germany Cheers, Nils
  6. Hi Thomas, dimensions (diameter x length): 115 x 280 mm weight: 2100 g guide number: the subtronic gamma has 20 @ 270WS Flashes at full power: also good question ... I guess it's about 150. As I wrote, the battery was changed in May 2011 after that I tooked the gamma to 2 holidays and did some lake shootings. I didn't use it that much. And it has NO digital TLL ... only analog. But maybe subtronic can upgrade it. Hope I could answer all your questions Cheers Nils
  7. Selling my subtronic gamma strobe In May 2011 subtronic build in a new NiMH battery and a new reflector. In October 2011 subtronic build in a new flash tube. I still got all papers of the repairs and could send them with the strobe. Sending it with a Nikonos-5 cable and a charger. The item is located in Germany. Would sell it for 500,- Euros + shipping costs. If you have any questions ... just write me a message Cheers Nils
  8. Selling my iGills underwater housing for the iPhone 4(s). It's a dive computer, P&S camera, video camera, ... It was used very rare, but there are some tiny little scratches. The scratches don't influence the clearness of display. The item is in Germany, but I would send worldwide. The price is 210,- Euros including shipping costs in Germany. If you have any questions ... just write me a message. Cheers Nils
  9. Hi Simone, as i wrote you before - I'm still interested in the two inons please write me an e-mail. nils.kittlitz@gmx.de Cheers, Nils
  10. Hi Simone, I wrote you an e-mail, but didn't get an answer yet. Are you willing to sell the strobes + neoprene covers separately? Cheers from Germany Nils
  11. Maybe you should have a look at this clamp http://shop.strato.de/epages/62534238.sf/d...roducts/MD04-CL I use them too ... and I really love them
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