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  1. Hi Matt, This looks like a species of snake eel that is often referred to as a "Whip Eel" or "Sooty Eel." Most likely in the genus Bascanichthys. I have seen them at BHB before, but they are apparently a rare find. Doesn't seem like there's much information out there on this group of eels. Joe
  2. Lots of good diving on the Big Island and quite a few shops to choose from. I don't know anyone who offers 4 tank trips, but Jack's Diving Locker has 3-tank "Advanced" trips. This is the way to go if you have limited diving time. I know there are quite a few folks on Wetpixel who don't like Jack's Diving Locker, but I've had excellent experiences with them on their 3-tank Advanced trips. They usually take you to places that are a longer boat ride from Kona. The sites I've done on these trips were fantastic, and it's usually only about 6 people per boat on the Advanced trip. They also do the Manta night dive. Most shops offer this... all the boats arrive to the same spot around the same time in the evening. Tons of divers in the water, but they also take snorkelers. There are a bunch of excellent shore diving opportunities on the Big Island also... just do a Google search of Big Island Shore Diving. I've mostly shore dove with a couple of boat diving days every time I've been there. The shore diving spots are also good for snorkelers.
  3. Agree with the above posters... ULCS arms and clamps always in the carry-on and never had an issue. Joe
  4. Thanks guys. I think I may get the Sigma 50 macro and take my 100 macro plus subsee +10. I'll already have a 1.4x TC for shooting with my 15mm fisheye, so may try that on the 100 as well. Simon - looking forward to staying with NAD in September. Thanks for the input! Joe
  5. Thanks all for the helpful comments. Alex, I really like what you did with the lighting in the bottom image (wonderpus) on the link you provided. So it sounds like you took a 60, 105, and 150 macro to Lembeh and shot all 3 on a full frame sensor camera? It's a given that my 100 will get the most use, but did you find the 50 or 150 to be more useful when you were there? From your comment referring to Lembeh as a destination for the "bigger small stuff," I'm guessing the 60? My main concern is if my 100 on full frame will suffice for pygmy seahorses, or would the 150 be better here? I do have a Sola focusing light in my kit already. Thanks! Joe
  6. Hi Wetpixel community - first time poster, long time lurker here. I'm headed to North Sulawesi this year (trip split (2:1) between Lembeh and Bangka) and I'm looking for some input on my macro setup, specifically for shooting critters in Lembeh. I'm shooting a full frame camera (Canon 5D2) with the Canon 100mm macro. From everything I've read, 60mm macro is the go-to macro for Lembeh. I used to shoot the Canon 60mm macro on my 20D, but it won't work on my full frame 5D2. Initially I was thinking of getting a shorter macro (possibly Sigma 50) but then realized that my 100mm macro on full frame is roughly equivalent to 60mm on a 1.4x crop sensor camera. So perhaps I'm already in the focal length sweet spot for Lembeh macro shooting? My question is, where do I go from here? Shorter macro or super macro? I'm considering getting the Sigma 50mm macro for froggies, fish portraits, rhinopias, etc., but I'm concerned that I'll be missing out on super macro with only 100mm on full frame. I'm also a little concerned about short working distance with the Sig 50 on FF. If I decide to expand my macro capabilities on the long end, I see my options as follows: 1. Sigma 150mm macro 2. Current Canon 100 macro + 1.4x TC Also considering getting a wet diopter (Subsee) to use on the 100 or in addition to the 100 + 1.4x TC. Just looking for some input from experienced Lembeh shooters (or full frame shooters) as to whether I should go shorter or longer on the macro end. I don't want to bring 3 macro lenses, but can be convinced to bring 2 if the Sig 150 is a better option that the Canon 100 + TC. Thanks in advance! Joe
  7. I was last in the Galapagos in 2005, and from what I hear, things have changed a lot since then. I did a 10 day trip on the Sky Dancer (a Peter Hughes boat when they were an independent company). I believe this boat is still around and is now called the M/V Galapagos Sky and is operated by Divencounters. This was an excellent boat and operation back when it was part of the Peter Hughes Dancer fleet. Back then, more shore excursions were permitted by the Ecuadorian government, and we made daily trips ashore on multiple islands, while still managing 4 dives a day. Liveaboards in the Galapagos have always been pricey. If you can afford it, just go. As the previous poster said, it's fantastic. The visibility is generally not spectacular (don't expect 100ft of viz), but it's still pretty good. The better sites averaged 40-50ft of viz when I was there in July. Also expect a range of water temperatures and moderate to extremely strong current at most sites. The payoff is some of the most spectacular shark and big animal encounters you'll ever have underwater. It's definitely worth it.
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