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  1. I have a very slightly used sony trv 900 with amphibico navigator housing along with amphibico 0AWA80 wet lens and AQ35 filter. also a 101S video light, 3 camera batteries, 10- 60 min mini DV tapes, cleaner tape , all chargers and instruction manuals. everything in great condition. doing all still photography now. do not have any idea what to ask for this package and want to be reasonable . would appreciate any guidance or advice anyone may have. thanks everyone.
  2. after many tries at doing this most efficiently- here is my system for avoiding excess bag charges. I pack my aquatica housing and ports in my eagle creek tarmac 25, wrapped up in articles of clothing then placed dead center of my bag with other clothes padding them all around. comes in under 50 lbs. ike ds 125s go in my dive bag , akona under 10 lb bag, also wrapped in clothes. my carry on is the akona pro camera bag with cameras , lenses and all accessories. best camera bag out there. this is secure enough that if I am forced to gate check this bag, I feel good about it... as good as one can me checking cameras.
  3. I have the following for sale and will be at DEMA 2008. d200 , aquatica housing, nikon 10.5 mm fisheye, 2 ike ds 125's , 8 inch dome port, aquatica arms and all accessories. upgrading - all gear with less than 100 dives in excellent condition. do not know exactly what to ask. seeking feedback/offers. new wetpixel member.
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    I have a d200/nikon 10.5 mm fisheye , aquatica housing , 8 inch dome port, aquatica arms, 2 - ike ds125's and all accessories - less than 100 dives . upgrading. all in excellent condition. located in US. will be at DEMA 08.
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