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  1. Are you still selling your D800 housing?
  2. I'm looking to buy. Do you have some photos you could upload?
  3. Does the superdome fit the 14-24?
  4. Do you have some photos you can send? How much are you asking? cheers
  5. check out this link on wetpixel it is my original post. I will ship internationally.


  6. I have a mint Seacam D800 housing, S10 Viewfinder, macro ports, small fisheye dome port and 8" wide angle port plus zoom gears. I am in the US. If you are interested please email me direct rhkdiver@gmail.com

  7. Ian, are you you still looking to sell your D800 housing? I am very keen. cheers Bruce
  8. What condition is it in? Could you post some photos? How much are you asking? cheers Bruce
  9. Looking for aSeacam D800 housing. Let me know if you have one to sell.
  10. Do you still have the Seacm D800 housing? Interested in selling? I'm looking to buy.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. spryb


      Are you still looking to sell the Seacam D800 Housing?

    3. OldDiver.com
    4. spryb


      Do you still have the D&00 Housing for sale?

      Please email if so


  11. I have a Nikon D2X camera body for sale. It's in good condition with the usual minor scratches and paint wear from use. Having sold my housing I'm no longer in need of this body. Looking for around $. 450 plus postage but negotiable for a quick sale
  12. Can anyone advise how to connect to a Seacam housing using fiber optic cables. What is required for manual and/or TL? cheers
  13. Do you have any port extensions in this package?
  14. If you still looking for an aquatic D700 housing I have one in good condition I can sell.
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