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  1. I have a Nikon D2X camera body for sale. It's in good condition with the usual minor scratches and paint wear from use. Having sold my housing I'm no longer in need of this body. Looking for around $. 450 plus postage but negotiable for a quick sale

  2. I dropped my Seacam housing onto some nice soft concrete last weekend. Fortunately it landed on teh handle. Unfortunately it bent teh handle so that the housing lock on one side won't open fully. Has anyone tried to strighten these handles. I'm afraid if I try brute force it will break.

  3. Does this mean you updated from XP to Windows 7 directly? I have read that this is a difficult/time consuming task.






    Hi there.

    Decided to format and load up Win 7 64bit pro on my 3.2 gig Quad here that has been running XP for some time.


    So far here are my thoughts.

    Installation was a breeze.

    It boots up and shuts down faster.

    Imported thousands of emails and my pop accounts from the old XP - Windows Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail no worries.

    Desktop looks great over my 3 screens.

    All programs that were running on XP that I have installed so far are up and running no problems including CS3 and EDIUS.

    Photoshop and illustrator run much faster.

    My graphics cards all work fine.


    Got a few more things to load up yet buts its looking good.



  4. I am selling my H-W Digital Adapter for Nikonos. This is pristine condition and works perfectly. This sells new for $159+shipping at Reef Photo and 100euro+shipping from Heinrich's website.

    I am willing to sell it for $100 shipped to US and $100+shipping to anywhere in the world.




    I don't know much about these. Do they need to be coupled to a particular camera or strobe?

  5. Seacam underwater flash system for Nikon SB800 flash. (2) Seacam flash housings for Nikon SB600/SB800/SB28(DX) flash units. Includes (2) universal voltage chargers. (2) sets of articulated arms to support the flash housings to underwater housing. (3) Nikonos 5-pin connectors and replacement rings. Please note that I am firm on the price. Call Ron 971-340-5416 also contact at rwhitsel@hotmail.com




    What controls do these housings have ?



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