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  1. So I got plans to build a home made snoot from an UW Photography online magazine. I got the arms, the fiberoptics and the mounting for 2 snoots with 2 arms each. I even got a bigger arm if you got use for that. The catch? I dont have the time to finish the project and probably wont be able to use it soon since we are getting a new baby in the next 2 months. I have spent well over $175 and Im reallistic I wont get anywhere near that back. If you are interested let me know. We can work the specifics of what parts you are interested and come to some kind of package and total price. I have some pics below. Please let your buddies know. Send me a PM if you are interested. Thanks...
  2. Thanks for the feedback Leepix. I have tried the double tray with 2 handles. What I have found is that its uncomfortable to grip on the right and trigger the shutter. So what I attempted last time was to move the camera all the way to the right and grab the actual camera. On the left have a handle and arms with the one strobe. The hotshoe I use for the focus light at night. Do you have a pic of your setup? Thanks... - Pershing
  3. Hello: Its been a while. Need some advice/help guys. I have an S90 on a FIX enclosure. I paired it with a reefnet subsee +10 lense and an Inon Z-240. The tray is an optics planet handles and aluminum tray with UL arms. Here are my main problems so far. 1) The thing is not ergonomic, seems no matter how I grab it or reconfigure the arms/handles its always giving me pain. Specially reaching the trigger while holding all the metal. Any of you guys got a tray/arm setup thats working? Thinking of going to 2 strobes but having issues with 1, can imagine with 2. 2) For macro shots using the subsee lense. Its tunneling a bit, which requires me to zoom in to correct. But the more I zoom the further away I have to be from the subject to get in focus. Is that something specific to this camera or is it the lense? Loosing sharpness and light because of this corrective action. Somewhere I read this camera is not too macro friendly. 3) Night dives, because Im adding a focus light to the hot shoe Im forced to go to either side with the strobe. Seems I get a lot of half faces when I do that. Did not try going on top, but other than adding a second strobe (look at item 1) what else can I do. Thanks... - Pershing
  4. Hello: Was thinking of buying some INON strobes, possibly S-2000's or D-2000's. Right now I have a SS ys-27dx. Was wondering can I use the INON on TTL and manually adjust the 27dx or is it better just to sell it and buy 2 INON's? Thinking I might not get a whole lot for them without a lot of added benefits. What do you guys think? Nestor/Pershing
  5. Thanks, I think that is a very important piece of information to have to consider this purchase. So in Av mode you can only control the aperture and everything else is calculated for you or preset? It sounds like the camera picks a shutter speed for you in that mode from your comment. The whole point of this upgrade was not to worry about over exposure and focus on composition and focus. Guess you can never get away from that.
  6. I know they will fire and I can control manually, question is can they do TTL through the fiber cable accurately.
  7. So with the Sea&Sea 110A would work, how about the Inon's?
  8. Guys/Gals: Considering buying a canon g10 and there are a few options for enclosures. I was wondering if I buy the canon standard enclosure (around $200) and somehow attach 2 fiber cables to the flash. Would I be able to use TTL through the fiber if I attach say a Sea and Sea 110Alpha or Inon S200/Z240? Add a lens adapter for 67mm macro wet lense and call it a day. Would that work or am I missing something with other enclosures that are $400 to $800 more? Keep in mind I do mostly macro and I have consider down the line getting a second strobe and upgrading the enclosure if I want to go wide angle. But for now would this suffice for my macro needs? I really want to utilize the ttl feature. Any input is welcomed. Thanks. Nestor/Pershing
  9. Can you only do fiber on Patima or FIX or only fiber? Looking at it I lack to see where the standard TTL connector would be. Thanks for the info, was very helpful.
  10. I keep hearing FIX vs Patima, but how about the Ikelite solution. Has TTL and is around 400-500 less. Why would this solution not be in the running? The G10 has caught my eye but Im only doing an upgrade from my Sony W-300 if I can do some sort of TTL. Can I do TTL through fiber? Or are we talking manually controlling the intensity with fire through optics? Any input is greatly welcomed. Thanks... Nestor
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