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  1. Tim, if I understand you correctly, you have a type 3 macro port with manual focus that will work with an ND20 / D200 and the 105VR macro lens (latest model). If I got that right, in what region might you be inviting offers for it, delivered to the UK? Cameras Underwater have it new for £512.49. Kind regards, richard at scalesweb.co.uk.
  2. Thank you all very much for your super quick feedback. I will try the lens with a flat port now (I have the port for 60mm plus a range of extensions) and experiment with the back button focus. the housing already has a GS180 viewfinder fitted so that should help a little, and yes, we picked up a Lembeh stick when we were there a few weeks ago. Thank you again for all the helpful feedback.
  3. Hello, I use a D200 in ND20 housing. So far I have used the Nikon 60mm macro lens and flat port. Whilst a manual focus gear is fitted it has never been used. Now looking at the 105VR lens and port options. From what I have read it looks like auto focussing on the 105VR can be a little more tricky than on the 60mm though not impossible. Subal make a plain flat port and a flat port with built in focus ring - which is much more costly. Will I be satisfied using autofocus or will I regret not making the greater investment in the manual focus port? The desire for moving from the 60mm to 105mmVR lens stems from a recent trip to the Lembeh Straits photographing pygmy seahorses and other small stuff. I guess I should also ask whether the move to 105mm is in fact justified. Are there people out there using this lens purely with autofocus and if so - how happy are you? .. and all those with the manual focus port - how often do you find yourself actually using the manual focus?
  4. Hello, I started with Fuji Compacts and now use Nikon/Subal equipment. Diving in the UK and abroad since 2006.
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