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  1. Hi there. I understand there are already a few members here who have the 7D with ikelite housing. Some questions: -It is very hard to impossible to control the photo-video button and also the dial know while in the housing. The buttons don't seem to have enough grip. -I can't find the option to fire my strobe on second curtain. I thouht this was possible, or am i wrong? For everything else, i just love the setup!! nice diving, Jochen
  2. Yes you can while recording. But the autofocus is too slow and noisy to be usefull.
  3. I just ordered the 7D and an ikelite housing, so i'm happily waiting !!!
  4. For sale: canon 500d, ikelite housing and ds160 flash. All in exellent condition. Prefferably sold together (canon and housing), but may be sold seperatly. Make a good offer. For pictures or questions, mail me
  5. has anyone heard news already about housings for the 7D? I already have ports and stuff from ikelite, but the customer service still can't confirm they will produce a housing for this cam...
  6. I have also emailed to hama. This is their answer: thank you for the email. The Synchromat isnt intended to work with canon 580ex flashes together. At the backside of the original package of the product we described "not for Canon 199A,244T,277T,300TL". That also means that it dosnt work with current flashes out of the canon productline. We have the synchromat over 10 years at our productline and at the very first time there were only the flashes available which are named before. We dont change the label of the package for years. There was no reason to do this, because it is logic if the canon 300tl dosnt work with the sysnchromat the newer flashes of canon doesnt too. I Ihope this information was helpfull to you. Best regads!
  7. My ds160 never gives preflash. Either way, the problem is that my 580 only fires 1 time. For the next picture, i need to switch the 580 off/on again...
  8. Hi guys, I have a problem. And i think for you specialists this must be piece of cake. After reading the topics on model photography, and admiring all those very nice shots i wanted to try myself. So i hang a black fabric in the pool, and shot with my canon 500d, and a single ds160. Pictures weren't bad, but not as those i saw here. I decided to place a flash on the topside, for lighting the hair. I have a canon 580ex flash, so i wanted to use that. I bought an hama optical sensor for the flash, so i thought it would fire every time i let my ds160 fire. Now that's the problem. No matter what, if i put the 580ex in none, master or slave, it flashes once, and then i have to reset the flash for another shot... What am i doing wrong? Some general info: i don't know as much as most members here about this: the ds160 is connected trough the ttl cable to my housing. How do all of you manage to fire multiple flashes on topside? thanks in advance for the info !!
  9. Hello guys, I'm planning on going to mexico in may, but can't decide where to stay. What would be preferred? Playa or Cozumel?
  10. hi guys, i think i missed your reply's, so sorry for the late answers. I just bought myself an new ikelite 8" dome, so i'm fine now. Thanks anyway PS Jeez that's a big dome
  11. wanted to buy: 6", preferably 8" dome port, to house my canon 10-22.
  12. hello, Do you have a 8 or 6" dome for sale? If so, please pm me
  13. I agree with duncan. Every time i'm diving with open water diver students, i consider myself solo diving. When i'm on a new diving destination, i'll try the first dive to keep up with a guide (if he's good) to learn a few things about the local marine life. Especially the local guides can be amazing in finding stuff. from the second dive or so, i try to solo dive, or at least keep some distance from the group. Like already told, marine life reacts a lot different when you are alone. I have a spare air system built in into my buddy wing (tekwing), wich not only allows me to breath, but also gives me the possibility to inflate my wing. Until now i've never needed it, but i like it it's there.
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