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  1. Looks like a Caribbean long arm octopus to me. BHB is a great site
  2. What about the Zeagle Wicked Lite? Yes its ugly, but it weighs under 4 pounds!
  3. If you have an Aquatica already might as well stay with the brand. I have used the Aquatica mini and the large zen they are both very nice products.
  4. Up for grabs is a demo unit of a DX-2G. I say "demo" because it has never been used but it has sat unused for about 6 months. A friend of mine is an instructor and has it for sale, it was a gift from the shop but she was never really interested. Included in the package is DX-2G Camera and housing YS-01 Strobe Sea Arm VII Fiber Optic Cable Carry Bag chargers etc Comes with full warranty from a reputable dive shop in Miami since it has been opened. Package retails for $1795.00 Shipped in the coninetal USA for 1300.00 Sea abd Sea has discontinued this item however I have used one before and it is fantastic. Remarkable macro mode (up to 1cm) and nice little pre programed modes with plenty of options. Also the ability to change shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.
  5. Of the top of my head.....Wonderpus?
  6. I got the 1200 and a 2000. I like the fact that you can charge it without removing any covers; no o-rings to grease. Also its one less thing to pack. Hope I answered your question. Jose Yes however, shipping is extra. Jose
  7. One FIX led 1000dx. Its been used infrequently since I bought a Sola last year. I always thought I would have another use for it but its just been sitting. Price is $275 shipped in the USA.
  8. I went diving there during the first few weeks in October. I have a few places I have used in Dumaguete, Puerto Galaera and Cebu that I can recommend. We had a few showers but we still dove every day. If you are interested let me know.
  9. Great video, love the macro shots. Also the turtle bit made me feel like a kid again. Jose
  10. Very good work. Entertaining to my "non" diver friends. That's when you know you have a winner. =]
  11. I might know someone who has a nexus housing available ....pm me if you want more info.
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