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  1. Looks like a Caribbean long arm octopus to me. BHB is a great site
  2. What about the Zeagle Wicked Lite? Yes its ugly, but it weighs under 4 pounds!
  3. If you have an Aquatica already might as well stay with the brand. I have used the Aquatica mini and the large zen they are both very nice products.
  4. Up for grabs is a demo unit of a DX-2G. I say "demo" because it has never been used but it has sat unused for about 6 months. A friend of mine is an instructor and has it for sale, it was a gift from the shop but she was never really interested. Included in the package is DX-2G Camera and housing YS-01 Strobe Sea Arm VII Fiber Optic Cable Carry Bag chargers etc Comes with full warranty from a reputable dive shop in Miami since it has been opened. Package retails for $1795.00 Shipped in the coninetal USA for 1300.00 Sea abd Sea has discontinued this item however I have used one before and it is fantastic. Remarkable macro mode (up to 1cm) and nice little pre programed modes with plenty of options. Also the ability to change shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.
  5. Of the top of my head.....Wonderpus?
  6. I got the 1200 and a 2000. I like the fact that you can charge it without removing any covers; no o-rings to grease. Also its one less thing to pack. Hope I answered your question. Jose Yes however, shipping is extra. Jose
  7. One FIX led 1000dx. Its been used infrequently since I bought a Sola last year. I always thought I would have another use for it but its just been sitting. Price is $275 shipped in the USA.
  8. I went diving there during the first few weeks in October. I have a few places I have used in Dumaguete, Puerto Galaera and Cebu that I can recommend. We had a few showers but we still dove every day. If you are interested let me know.
  9. Great video, love the macro shots. Also the turtle bit made me feel like a kid again. Jose
  10. Very good work. Entertaining to my "non" diver friends. That's when you know you have a winner. =]
  11. I might know someone who has a nexus housing available ....pm me if you want more info.
  12. Their account got phished and it hit everyone on their e-mail list. Jose
  13. Hi everyone, Nikon shooter myself but a friend posted this deal on lenses and I thought I would pass it on. This deal is for today only Canon is offering 10-20% off their refurbished lenses with coupon code MRN318 The 100mm IS USM comes out to $755. They have pretty much every lens on there here is the site http://shop.usa.canon.com/webapp/wcs/store...T.mc_id=C126149 Moderators if this violates any of the terms of use please delete. Otherwise I hope some people can snag glass a bit cheaper then what they usually pay. Jose
  14. Would be more appealing (to my eye) if the extension was set further out completing the circle. That being said it's a cool picture that can be seen as from the camera's perspective Jose
  15. drako

    Ikelite D300

    The housing is not...however I may still have some ports left. Got to look in the closet. Off the top of my head I have the 60mm acrylic port. Also the focus extension and glass front element from the modular system.
  16. drako

    Ikelite D7000

    Here are some photos from my phone. He has it displayed at my LDS.
  17. There may be dive resorts comparable to Atlantis however I don't think you will find the same quality of dive site. Muck + plus Apo Island
  18. I believe the FIX has an 85 degree wide beam and the Sola is 90 (I think...)
  19. The sell a modular port for Ikelite that has a focus ring in it. If interested I have one from my old housing. You would need to get the right extension for it to work. If it is not af-s you may need two extensions because of the variability of the length while focusing. DS-125/160/161 are great workhorse strobes. They are big however. You can save a lot if you buy the 125's used. You will still get TTL albeit with lower specs than a DS-161. I believe the zen dome is glass. There are pluses and minuses to each. Both of those macro lights are great and do well for video in a pinch. I have used both, if you want any more info on port sizes are comparison for the SOLA/FIX just PM me. Cheers, Jose
  20. drako

    Ikelite D7000

    Had someone ask me to post this up for them. Only used once and he is just not that into it u/w photo. Ikelite D7000 housing, 2 Ikelite DS-161, 8-inch dome port and shade, Dual sync cords, 105mm Macro port [acrylic] Pelican 1610 case 1 charger for the strobes He is looking to sell it as a set and is not interested in parting it out [yet] He paid 5200 and wants 3,900 for the set. If you'd like I can post pictures upon request. Jose
  21. I try and bring everything that is essential and pack all that is not. So all my extra parts go in the check in and I try and pack at least a few pairs of underwear for my carry on in case they lose my bag. It happened in Fiji for couple of days I was diving in skivvies I use a ThinkTank Shape Shifter/Airport International combo. As I mentioned before I bring large cargo pants and a photo vest. I only use these when I need it, more on that later. I have had experience with the Streetwalker Harddrive which is great however I find that its limitation is that it "looks" like a photo bag. The shapeshifter is a soft sided backpack and gives the appearance of a standard laptop bag. http://www.thedigitaltrekker.com/wp-conten...ifter_field.jpg The airport international is a fantastic bag. Earlier I mentioned perception; I and a friend were in Cairo for a few days and had to take a domestic flight to Hurghada, to get on a liveaboard. He had an airport international, I had an identically sized bag but it was two different colors. They looked at both of ours and said mine was too big/too heavy. So far I have been succesful with saying my backpack is "just my laptop bag". While checking in I have all my papers ready and try and strike up conversation, ask them what is the best food, how do they like it here as opposed to there etc. Always smiling and excited to travel. When asked about my luggage I say that my backpack is my laptop and my carry on is some clothes and a camera. Also if you are in a foreign country know some words, its goes a long way. Nine times out of ten this works, however when being polite, asking them to insure it all, hiding your baggage between your legs while checking in or you notice they are weighing every bag; I use my photovest and cargos. I know it sounds ridiculous but it has worked. I walk to the side and try and fit as much as possible...usually all that is left is my dome and housing in the carry on. This usually brings the weight down to the 15lbs for carryon. Wear the camera with the biggest lens, then stuff sync cords, cables, arms, joints, and lenses in pockets with strobes going in the cargos. I get the stink eye and it looks ridiculous, but I just say that my equipment is on my person and thats how I plan to fly. Yes I know....I'm "that" guy Jose
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