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  1. Well I broke down and bought the 520 today. Figured 599.99 with the 14/42 f3.5/5.6 lens was a pretty good price. Another 70. for a 8GB card. Now I am waiting on the battery to get a full charge so I can play with it... ITS TAKING FOREVER!!!!! Well perhaps not forever, but when you have a new toy you want to play with, (Like any 46 year old kid) nothing goes fast enough. Figure I have a few months to play with the camera and get familiar with it before I start shopping around for the housing and lens ports. Next spring when I go on vacation I should be all set. I think I read about DEPP. I will have to call my insurance agent.. somehow I am not sure they will cover it if I take it 100' down and it floods, but I will definitely check into it. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Okay, with the information I have gotten from the local camera store, the information on the various forums I have decided I will go with the E520 for my first DSLR. Moving from a old Stylus 400. which served me will until I didn't get the UW housing sealed well and it flooded in Bonaire last year. Phil thanks for the pictures of the housing with the strobe you posted. That was the kind of setup I was wanting to get, and it is nice to see that Oly can provide the entire setup and what appears to be a very reasonable price range. HOWEVER, wife will not allow me to spend this kind of money unless I get insurance in case it floods. So with that in mind I would like to ask my fellow readers what kind of insurance they have on their equipment and where they got it from? DAN appears to have some fairly decent insurance with what appears to be a 250.00 deductible. Or maybe it was 100. with DAN. I have thus far looked at 2 different providers. On another note I was reading someplace that their had been a problem with leaking on the PT-E03 housing has this problem been resolved with the E05? Has anyone taken any pictures that have been posted with this setup yet? I have seen above water pictures and they look fantastic, however the ones i have seen didn't provide much in the way of details as to if they were taken on auto or manual adjustments. Another question I have for everyone is in regards to the noise filter. On the E410 it was noted you can get more detail in your pictures by turning this feature off and setting the sharpness to -2 or so. Does anyone know if the E520 addressed this issue?
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