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  1. T.Sven

    Retra LSD Snoot

    Price reduction, looking for 150 euros excl. shipping
  2. Zen Mini Dome DP 100 optical glass (Nauticam) with Tokina 10-17mm & Nauticam Zoom gear (Nikon mount) @ 1300 euro
  3. Retra Snoot for Inon Z 240@ 200 euro Location: Switzerland
  4. Nauticam 45° viewfinder @ 750 euro Location: Switzerland
  5. I use a samsonite cosmolite, it’s light, have wheels, strong (using it every year for at least 10 years) housing camera strobes macro&mini dome, lenses, all fits. I have a multi pockets jacket inside in case I need to settle it to 7kgs.
  6. Hi, I am thinking of using the same setting. Could I use an external hard drive and connect it to the Ravpower, to save the raw images and process them once home on my computer? Thanks
  7. Fantastic photos! Did you do all the dives in the strait?
  8. Hi, Passionate about dividing and underwater photography I enjoy reading Wetpixel for many years without any post... Thanks to all members bringing together this inspiring source of informations. www.sventramaux.ch
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