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  1. Here are some examples of pictures taken while in S-TTL and My Mode on the camera. The speed and f stop's varied, but should have been pretty close to ideal, and I think it's apparent that the strobe isn't firing enough regardless of the exact settings on the camera. These were all close shots. The royal gramma was in macro mode and about a foot away. The anemone was also in macro and about 6 inches away. The grouper was in normal mode and about a foot and a half away. Also I should mention that later in the dive I went back to what I was used to. I put the strobe in Auto and the pictures turned out fine. So there is definitely something with the S-TTL and not the strobe or camera. I just don't know if I have it set up to work properly.
  2. Yeah I can go to cathy church's and find out. I just figured someone on here should have the same setup and know what the settings should be. I will resize a few of the pics and post them. My setup is the olympus sp350 in a pt-030 housing, connected to the Z-240 type 3 via fiber optic cable. This is my first time using the S-TTL feature with the Inon strobe. I have previously used an older model Inon, set to Auto, and it worked perfectly. I decided to go with S-TTL because of it's very simple point and shoot abilities. As far as I understand it, the S-TTL uses the camera's preflash to determine the proper strobe output. So the camera needs to force flash, acting as it normally would without an external strobe. So the internal only, or internal plus external settings should work, I assume. The only thing I am not quite sure about is if this whole system will work with the camera in My Mode, where I am controlling the speed and f stop. Maybe in this mode I am indirectly controlling the output of the camera's internal flash, thereby controlling the strobe, and rendering ineffective the S-TTL. But I'm not sure, so if someone familiar with this setup could confirm/deny it, it would help.
  3. I just bought an Inon Z-240 to use with my SP350, intending to use their S-TTL setting. I thought it was going to be as simple as point and shoot, as long as my camera used its pre flash. I dove with it yesterday and all of the pictures were very underexposed. I am thinking somehow the S-TTL must not be working properly, due to some settings on the camera that aren't right. Does anyone use this combination and know what settings I need to use in order to get the S-TTL to work? Right now I use the camera in My Mode so I can manually set film speed and f stop, and the flash is set to internal plus external. Is there something that prevents S-TTL from working when the camera is in a manual exposure mode? Will it only work on Auto? Or is my flash setting in the camera wrong? When I fire the camera it does use a pre flash, but still S-TTL doesn't appear to be working properly. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Loren
  4. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. I still can't believe it's real. Who in their right minds would think up such a campaign, and who would approve it thinking that it would actually work? It completely trivializes fish and the ocean in general. They made it into a freaking cartoon! I can't believe it... But thank you, Ken, for speaking up against it in a very clear, informative, and level-headed way. Hopefully this ridiculous campaign will be withdrawn soon. shaking my head in disbelief, Loren
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