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  1. "I think the idea of this protest has been misunderstood by a few people. I fully understand the villager's need to survive. No one is denying them the right to eat and make money. However, if 5 resorts (not to mention an upcoming oceanarium) does not contribute to the villager's rehabilitation to sustainable development (eg seaweed cultivation and cottage industries, all of which have been tested with other Bajau villages in MPAs in Sabah), why should we support them?" Drew - Fair point, I think I did misunderstand this slightly. My initial read of the protest was 'Threatening a boycott will help save sharks' - hence my reply about going after consumers etc etc. But I have to say, I still don't think this is the right way of going about things. Raising awareness of what is going on - even though shark fishing it is not illegal, and most likely, not happening on or around Sipadan - is a good thing, yes, but ultimately the people that will suffer the most as a result of a protest are the fisherman. I am playing devil's advocate here I have to confess. I think its too easy to have a knee-jerk reaction after seeing photos like this and jump to some sort of action. I agree whole-heartedly that resorts in ANY tourist area, let alone in Sabah, need to contribute to the lives of the locals and work at conserving the environment in the area - but threats of a boycott I don't think are going to help. The situation there is already far too complicated and messy for an easy solution. What would happen if people decided to boycott the area? Perhaps a resort is forced to close its doors - leaving room for another to open, operated by whom? Catering to what sort of market? "This is just a plea to garner support for the villagers to leave their unsustainable lifestyle and also to expand the MPA to encompass the rest of the island group." This is at the heart of the problem. Why should they leave their unsustainable lifestyle? How many tourists actually go into the villages and find out all about their 'lifestyle'? Spend time in the area getting to know the people and what they want? What alternatives do the villages even consider? How can they go about making a change? Tourists should be working WITH the resorts, not against them. Or even taking matters into their own hands and helping the villagers directly. What about the members of this forum all agreeing to spend one less day diving, using the time to go and talk to the villagers and finding out where a solution may lie? Why not set up a fund, to support education or training for villagers - put the money you saved by skipping a day's diving into the fund? Or a even a microcredit scheme to help villagers move away from shark fishing? If you want to solve a long-term problem, you need to provide a long-term solution! Angrily walking away and saying 'We're not coming anymore because its not like it used to be' doesn't help. Times change, populations grow and places evolve. I agree that tourist dollars can be, and should be, a positive force, but only if the tourists themselves get involved and put their money where their mouth is - using their money to HELP, not withdrawing it. "We are reminding them that they can't just rely on government aid to help the villagers and collect their profits." And by extension, tourists can't rely on other people to ensure that their tourist dollars are actually doing some good. Only the tourists themselves can do that. Drew - As I said, I am playing devil's advocate here. Just trying to contribute some alternative thoughts and questions. I'm glad you posted this orginally!
  2. Just to add some more information about this subject, as I lived in Sabah for 10 years and spent a long time on the islands. Fishing for sharks has been going on for a long time and yes, the meat is sold as well as the fins. When I spoke to some some of the fisherman, they told me they were traveling a long way south for their fishing. Whether this is still the case I don't know - this was 6-7 years ago. Whilst not condoning what is happening, it has to be stated that these fisherman are responding to a demand for shark's fin, pure and simple. The only way to give sharks a chance, around Sipadan or anywhere else in the world, is to remove or reduce that demand. Make it illegal in the area and boycott resorts, but the fishermen will still go ahead and find a way of taking fins as there is such a large incentive. Rather than target the people at the source, better to concentrate on the consumers. THEY are the ones that are driving this forward at a relentless rate, not the fishermen.
  3. Zaritas - You need to get in touch with steve at Ocean Optics - http://www.oceanoptics.co.uk/ partners with Mavericks. They stock nexus gear for sure.... Matt
  4. Hello hello all - Does anyone know who the winners were??? We had our book entered - 'Reef'! Matt
  5. I think the conversation was about the merits of attaching a plastic beer glass to your strobe;-) Matt
  6. Anthony - Thanks for that... Doing a trip in a weeks time shooting a tc with 16mm. Will let you know... Dave - I don't mind where its been as long as it works... Although 11k is a bit beyond my budget unfortunately, oh well... BTW, I got an email from a friend who was diving with David Doubilet whilst using this rig - it was based on a medical endoscope that was engineered to fit on an SLR. Matt
  7. Which thread are you talking about? I can't seem to track it down... Nice shots btw - exactly the sort of effect I would like to achieve. Matt
  8. Hi Matt - I was using a D200/Nexus in the Maldives recently, no problems whatsoever in the surf. Having said that the waves were only about 6-7 foot max and breaking onto reefs so no problem with orings getting dirty. I was planning on using a D2X but decided the smaller the housing the easier it would be to use. I looked at a few of the dedicated surf housings before the trip and now really appreciate why they use pistol grips - being able to push the housing up towards a surfer or out through the surface when you are already submerged, all whilst staying in control of yourself and out of the way, is so much easier using one hand only on the housing. And if you're shooting surfers make sure you get a good model who knows exactly what he is doing for the sake of your head and the housing! Ive got a flickr set up here - most are topside as that was the brief but got a few uw shots in there... Matt
  9. This is the baby here. Will fit a Nikon lens mount and the company mentioned it has been used with D1Xs before. Not EXTREMELY expensive lol!! Unfortunately only the first 11" are waterproof so I'll have to work on getting a port designed as well as a bracket to attach a ring flash or a couple of strobes on the end of the port... Matt
  10. [quote p.s. I would rather see the effect of the lens in a picture that didn't show someone handling the pygmies and seafan. But I am sure they weren't harmed. :-) Hi Alex - Yep, you're right about that. Its the only one I could track down though... Be fantastic to try and get some kit to do that - on my wish list for Christmas! Matt
  11. Hi All - Does anyone know anything about this sort of set up??? A great example is one of Doubilet's, from Lembeh I think, of a pygmy with a diver in the background from the Nov '05 edition of Nat Geo - http://www7.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/051...6/gallery6.html. Has anyone ever tried? Done any research?? I've been in touch with some companies that make probe lenses for HD filming but the price is INCREDIBLE!!! Matt www.scubazoo.com
  12. Hi All - I am dire need of some advice as I have zero time to get in the water and do some testing. Has anyone used a 10.5mm with a Nexus D2X and if so, what dome are they using? I am leaving Tuesday am for a trip and have come up short with kit - will my old 9" dome work alright with a suitable extension ring? Many many thanks if anyone can advise! Matt www.scubazoo.com
  13. Guys - Many thanks for the input. I am not that technically minded but the 10pin cable wiring does sound like it could be within my abilities. I suppose its down to whether I trust myself fitting a bulkhead and relying on it. I just received an email from Junko at Nexus and they recommend the MC100 remote cable for the RS - I didn't know it even existed! It will work straight through one of the synch sockets on the housing but Junko said that as an alternative, they can also fit it through one of the plugged accessory ports. I will let you know. As for the surfboard, I'm just the shooter on this, my colleague is the surfer. However I suspect the only way to do this will be on a big board. The idea at the moment is to cut/mould a foam 'seat' that the housing, minus its grips, will sit in - the idea is that it makes the housing a little more streamlined and if it does get pulled off, at least it might float. Ideally, I'd like to make two seats, one for portrait and one for landscape orientation. And I'd love to use a 10.5mm with a big dome but feel I am asking for trouble. As for the strobes, well I think I might be asking for too much here. However, the breaks we are planning on using all face the east and those dawn, off-shore breeze shots are all going to be heavily back-lit. A little fill flash would be perfect but I'm going to have to think about safety first I reckon. Thanks again for all though. If the shoot goes ahead and I pull some shots off I'll post them. Matt www.scubazoo.com
  14. Thanks Alex - Yessssss, fills me with fear the thought of my D2X on the front of a surf board!!!!:-) I though of setting it up to fire a time lapse but I would still like to try and work out a way of fitting a cable - at least so I can be sure the camera is shooting just when I want it to be... Brake cable is a good idea indeed, will give that a try! BTW, I heard you might be heading to Sabah in the near future? If so, drop me a line be great to meet up! Matt
  15. Hi All - I am planning a couple of shoots in the near future, both of which I would like to use a remote release. Firstly I'm going to try mounting my D2X Nexus and a couple of small strobes on the front of a surfboard (and will let you know if I ever see them again;-)) and have a long remote cable so that the surfer can release the shutter. Alternatively, although I suspect this will be a difficult and more expensive option, I am considering an electronic/radio gadget that will do the same but will be triggered my myself sitting on a jetski close by. The second project will be underwater and at depth but essentially the same thing - I want to be able to trigger the shutter from a distance using a cable release. I suspect I will be able to rig up something for the second project - Blue Peter style with lots of string and duct tape around the shutter release - but the first will require something a lot more rugged. Has anyone had any experience of playing around with the third plug on a Nexus housing body and fitting a socket and some sort of remote release? Has anyone had any experience of doing this with ANY housing camera!? Any help would be much appreciated! Matt Oldfield www.scubazoo.com
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