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  1. HI! I just managed to get my hands on a G9 and Canon housing. can I attach a flash to the canon housing? How?! (yes, I too am brand new to this!) I will be going to Honduras in 4 weeks and would really like to add a strobe to my camera. Any suggestions?! who? where? Thanks so much!
  2. Hi! I was just successful in tracking down a Canon G9 camera and H20 housing. I have a trip to Honduras in less than 4 weeks and don't feel safe waiting for the G10 and housing! Anyway, I have be told that I can attach a strobe to the canon housing. I think it has to go on a tray or something first?!? do any of you have any info or suggestions about adding a strobe? I have been shooting with a canon powershot for a couple of years, and although not ready for the SLR plunge yet, wanted to impove my pics with a strobe.... suggestions?!? Thanks much!
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