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  1. Thank you very much for all the responses and information provided. I am glad that the decision I made is confirmed by the experiences of others. Especially interesting would be to compare the 230 mm Zen port and DP-FE4 by someone who has experience with both. Happy diving ! Steve
  2. Hi all ! I decide to exchange my 17-35 with the new 16-35 and not to use 14-24 UW, because I can't use magic filters on this lens and because of sharpness issues. The question is which extension I must use with 16-35, having in mind that the housing is Subal ND3, dome port is DP-FE4. What do you think guys, is this combination will work ? I tried to find answer at Subal web site - Nikon portselection category, but 16-35 lens isn't listed as available choice there. Is the DP-FE4 big enough to guarantee corner sharpness with this lens? Thank you in advance for your opinions. Best regards, Steve
  3. Last two weeks I used 14-24 with D3 and Subal ND3 + DP-FE4. No close focus and vignetting issues. The main problem is lack of corner sharpness, especially at 14mm. I personally find the end results unacceptable. Best regards, Storm
  4. Hi all ! New owner of SUBAL ND3 here. As a D3 shooter I choose to try UW photography (I like diving very much). By recommendation of Subal Austria I buy DP-FE4 dome port for my 14-24. Two weeks diving in Red Sea with completely unacceptable results regarding corner sharpness I would like to ask you, which lens I can use with DP-FE4 port, because 14-24 is not an option. Second, may I use 24-70 with DP-FE4 ? May I use magic filter with WA lens and 24-70 ? Thank you in advance for you kind cooperation, Steve
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