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  1. Update. Housing plus wahoo plus dome port plus extension - 1400€. Anyone interested. I did a pretty nice film with that last year
  2. Today I wanna share with You not a fancy superb quality clip from top 5 scuba diving destination, but rather full adventure one from bottom 5 scuba diving destiantions Here is a 10 min film from our wreck diving expedition to Sierra Leone. We had no idea what to expect, but we did a lot of really interesting work. This is a clip from 1st expedition to SL, it was followed with 2nd in 2014, and I can now say that we have "found what we were looking for" when we returned and the mistery of a Vanishing Dutchman is now solved, but that is a topic for a second part Meanwhile, have a look at this so called part 1 of our Sierra Leone adventure: As you may imagine, we hoped for egipt-class water but it turned out to be more of a hudson river Strong current and murky water. Here is me with a camera. The video was shot on canon dslrs, sound designed and I had music composed for it. So it is a full pro amateur work It is narrated by Leigh Bishop, some of You may have heard about him, we had him locked in a studio for ages, but now he is free at last If someone is interested in our work, you can download a report from the 2012 trip: http://www.kardasz.net/wp-content/uploads/EN-SIERRA-raport-OK-with-Expertise.pdf It is in english. More to follow at www.sierra2014.com Let me know how you like it. Peter
  3. Update: Lights and arms, balls, clamps are sold. So the set now consists of: 1) Aquatica 550d/t2i 2) 8inch dome port 3) Port extension rings for Tokina 11-16 and Tokina 10-17. 4) Wahoo HD external monitor 5) Sony monitor for wahoo 6) Spare batteries, clamps, balls for wahoo 7) 550d body - not on pictures, but included in the set! 8) Tokina 10-17mm lens - not on pictures, but included in the set! 9) Tokina 11-16mm lens 10) Stanley box Plus shade covers, neoprene covers, silicon, sprae orings etc. Will ship from Warsaw. Everything in perfect condition! Price: 2300eur - I will cover the shiping in Europe. Every elese we need to check first
  4. Shark feeder, where You need it to be send?
  5. Probably, but lets wait a moment. I will keep You informed if things turn out that way
  6. I would love to sale this uber nice photo/video set based on top notch products in this class. Aquatica, Canon, Gralmarine, UCLS. Whats in the box Aquatica t2i/550d housing for Canon DSLR: http://aquatica.ca/en/products_dslr_t2i.html 8 inch dome port with Shade Cover, plus two neopren covers – small and big. Port extension rings for Tokina 11-16 and Tokina 10-17. Two best lenses for UW use in small frame DSLR. Rings products numbers in Aquatica are: 18453 i 18456. They fit more than those two lenses, just check the chart: http://aquatica.ca/en/charts/canon_type_2.pdf Underwater housing for Wahoo HD Monitor from Backscatter: http://www.backscatter.com/sku/bs-003-aq.lasso The screent is conected via HDMI port. Inside the housing is the Sony external monitor. It comes with everything that was in the set plus more: 3 batteries!! shade cover, cable, charger, bag ets. Float arms from UCLS, 14 inch x2, plus all balls and clamps to connect. Plus 2 floats from STIX. LED video lamps from Gralmarine 2x 70w. 2x 8400 lumens. Battery 15 AH to put on belt. Lamps are connected with EO cords with Y-connector. U can use them for heating. I will also send You everythnig that I have, spare orings, spare balls, silicon, dome port polishing paste, etc.. If You want I will sell the camera with lenses: Tokina 10-17mm f3.5 – best fish eye on the market for that type of camera – it is not on the picture, but it comes with the set! Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 - best wide angle lens. Body Canon 550d – I`m taking this pictures with it. Everything is in perfect condition except the camera, as I was using it on regular basis. So It works like new, but not looks like new Stanley box. Everything (except the canon body) is in perfect condition. I bought it in 2012. Only one thing was changed, one housing lock was replaced with new one. This is only thing differnet from the new one. there are some scratech here and there on monitor housing and on camera housng but only in terms of estetics. If You pair the dslr with Magic Lantern http://www.magiclantern.fm/ you get an excellent setup. The price for this was about 6500eur without tax! when it was new. Price: full set: 4000eur. If You buy the full set I will send You Divers of the dark book as an inspiration OR: Housing, dome port, wahoo monitor: 2600 eur Lenses: 430 eur/each Lamps, clamps, battery, arms: 850 eur. Will ship from Warsaw. Or You can pick it up from Krnica or somewhere where in Europe where I will try to arrange the shipping. piotr@kardasz.net t: +48 886 886 557 Check my website for more pictures: http://www.kardasz.net/1746/for-sale-canon-aquatica-gralmarine-photovideo-set/
  7. About 4 degrees Celsius. Cold, but constant, so at least You know what to expect
  8. Hey guys, a bit of exotic, but not so warm waters. Baltic sea. Here I would like to share with You this short doc video I`ve done. Let me know what You think. Of course it is only subtitled in english, but it`s about images http://www.divecollective.com/baltic-wreck-hunters/
  9. Definitely online. I will let you know, Saluti!
  10. Hi, I have a short clip to share with you. Last november we went to Sierra Leone for a wreck diving expedition. The word expedition is often used as a fancy way of saying "trip" or "vacation" to impress your friends and mom I`m not sure if our trip was a proper expedition, but if not, it was very close to one! We took with us: all scuba gear, including tanks, air commpressor, side sonar, gpses, metal detector etc.... two canon dslrs in aquatica housings, and one small camcorder in gates. As the full movie is being made now, and it will take a while, I would like to show you a short trailer. Hope You like it. If so, please feel free to use a Tip Jar on vimeo http://vimeo.com/58477630 Link to Vimeo. Cheers, Piotr
  11. Nu, what depths was this shot at? Particularly those deeper parts when the image is more dark blue, and the reds are getting funky pink
  12. I like the way You try to find something interesting and combine all types of skills. I want to go to Ojamo next year, I will take a ton of light and will contact You so we can make something cool, huh?
  13. 100% true. You "fool" the eyes a bit with that. That is why he bought the HMI light BTW, how much was it Richard? Did You get a new one or second hand? Its not that easy to find salvo HMI... in europe
  14. Don`t get me wrong. What I mean is, that while going with the scooter video is nice, smooth, and looks great. But when You stop and continue to shoot it is not that much easier. What You earn with stability You loose with the size of that big setup. So I think of a scooter as of an underwater dolly I think that every scooter is powerful enough to cope with the drag of the camera without a problem. Not that much, You will get used to it very fast. I don`t use the monopod, yet. I`m not sure I will, I have to test it, just an idea so far. Good product from Poland!
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